Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Blood Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: Darkbloods

Username: xInfamousx

Foundation Points: 36,655

Foundation Title: --


she, raised in the ashes of the hellish landscapes seemed lost for a time; uncertainty creeping through her every motion across the ruined land before her. She could still feel the power that had danced through her grasps at the taste of that crimson, the power, so much power. Now as she fell down on the burning ground as she felt it leave her leaving her back to her weakness she was filled with something at this point unknown to her. She slowly placed her hand on the horrid floor crushing the earth in her grasp slowly standing, her eyes slowly filling with a fire and passion as she made a silent promise to herself. That day the girl would die in that valley along with her weakness. However in her place born from blood was crimson, no longer was it that of chaos for chaos she was done with allowing herself to be lost in the pointless upserdity of others concepts of power for she now knew power, knowledge and blood. No longer did she bow to God’s as she tho reveared one she still has decided to cast it away in favor of the choice for herself to find her own might. She will one day taste the blood of all those who stand before her with magic unlike anything seen before, she will one day rip the kings from there thrones with only a glimpse of her eyes, she will one day turn the sky that glorious crimson as she treads across the world of those beasts and she will one day kill forever the weakness that plagued her so long ago in an ocean of blood