Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Malacath The Unbound

Race: Human

God: Iridia

Alignment: True Neutral

Guild: --

Username: orical-the-exile

Foundation Points: 10,960

Foundation Title: Envoy


Malacath was captured by demons as a youngling hitting maturity and taken back to the demon realm tortured by demons for fun, until one quiet day when the demons had left for their raids, the humans invaded and killed every demon in their path to release the captured beastmen and humans used as slaves.
Finally he had the chance for escape, he had been serving a major demon as his slave and was paraded around as a prize from the "Human realm" now it was time for payback.
Taking an adorned long twin blade (another trophy of the demon master) He killed the demon releasing his anger he felt like the demon almost gave himself up but after that day the demons were especially brutal to his village until one day they came and destroyed the village with a mighty blitz a flood of fire Killing all his kin.
Thankfully the human merchants that traded with us escaped and hid me with them.