Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Glimheim Barrows

Race: Beastman, Nheedra

God: Tyros

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: Glims Mercenaries.

Username: WhoAteTheCat

Foundation Points: 72,580

Foundation Title: --


Growing up in a large family as the eldest child, Glim became protective early on in life. And although he was very respected by his clan in Arboreus, he was known as very clumsy, even by Nheedra standards. Though that being said he grew up to be immensely strong, so whenever a clan mate needed something lifted, they went and found Glim.
Glim had an uneventful childhood, except for the High Druid taking an interest in him. He could sense Glim’s connection to Elysium, making him a pontential candidate to replace him.
Glim went through his early life acting as a kind of student to the high Druid, though it didn’t interest Glim, so he would skip his classes so to speak. And instead of learning healing Magics, he would go and spar with his friends and brothers.

If only Glim knew he had just sealed the fate of someone close to him.

When he reached his late teenage years, Demons appeared on Arboreus, a large war party. A huge melee broke out between the two races, there were casualties on both sides. And when Glim finally returned home, he got the news that his Younger brother had been gravely wounded in the fight, the High Druid was too busy tending to the others to help, and without any practice in healing magic... his brother died.

Feeling as though everyone in his clan would hate him. He fled. Running into the wilderness of Arboreus, angry at himself.

Many years later he would find himself on Syndesia, leading a succsesful mercenary company.