Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Iridia

Alignment: True Neutral

Guild: Hallowshade

Username: TRSnow

Foundation Points: 10,400

Foundation Title: Envoy


Zennon is among the most powerful of the demon kind, and Satan's second-in-command alongside Psycho Jenny. While Satan was away, he assumed the role of the leader of the demon race. Zennon is highly respected and feared among his people, with most referring to him as Lord Zennon.
Zennon is massive, standing at the same size of some of Japan's skyscrapers. His body is covered in dark fur, and he possesses webbed wings attached to his arms and hooves for feet. Zennon has four heads which come from the five demons who merged to create him. The center head is horned and has three eyes and was covered in black tiger like stripes, coming from the fusion of a demon named Liger and an unnamed bird demoness. The head on the left resembles an ugly human man with black hair and has a single horn; it belongs to a demon known only by his human alias, Judah Hiroka. The head on the right resembles a beautiful woman with long blond hair, deriving from a demoness who went by Maria in her human form. His final head on his chest resembles an ogre with pointy ears. Zennon's body overall is similar to Demon Lord Dante.