Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Tyros

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: White Rose Eternium

Username: Savsevs

Foundation Points: 15,645

Foundation Title: Emissary


An unusually mystic being appeared into these lands seeking truth. "I must bear witness to the truth of time." -T.W.

As a young warrior he was given the choice to pick up arms or stay to his crop. Sword was the choice. Through his cunning youth, this warrior grew from apprentice to a skilled combatant. Nevertheless, he was struck down in combat. In the eyes of death, a winged angel appeared. She had bestowed to him his life once more. In his divine intervention, he had been blessed with emmense holy powers which came forth from the highheavens. Arose, he set forth to cast down any evil that crosses his path.