Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Rotul Nifleheim

Race: Beastman, Nheedra

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Lawful Good

Guild: --

Username: Rotul

Foundation Points: 11,340

Foundation Title: Envoy


🐻 Rotul 's tribe was attacked when he was young. He wanted to fight for his tribe but as a child he couldn't. His father bear stunned and hid him during the attack...🤕
When he woke up, the whole tribe was destroyed, He was all alone. During weeks, he lived by himself.

Rotul finally arrived in a city, he found a restaurant and started to eat the customers leftovers. The cook came and give him food. To repay him Rotul started to work as kitchen help.🍳
But this bear, dear reader, this bear didn't stand as a cook for his whole life. Every day he went out of the town, explore the surrounding, further and further away.🌳

🌻 One day, he saw another bear, all black and white. This kind of bear was gardening, but not for gathering resources as vegetables or fruits, but cultivate flowers. He fell in love at first sight.🐼
After this event, he enrolled in a guild and helped the guild master to find people in order to build a new city, a city with no violence, where gardening flower will be accepted, and he will invite the bear-kin person in.

📯 Nowadays, the rumours tell Rotul is courageous, loyal and kind to all people. but nobody wants to see him pissed off, he is massive, and his claws and fangs are well trained.
But everybody enjoy the kitchen of The Great Arboreus Master Chef Rotul!