Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Antonius Scallini

Race: Human

God: Elysium

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: The Golden Immortalis

Username: RagingTaco

Foundation Points: 1,850

Foundation Title: Whisperer


*roleplay character*
My name is Antonius Scallini
When i was but a child my father brought me up as a Warrior. He taught me how to wield a variety of weapons from Axes to spears, Shield to bows, But at heart, I am a merchant. Always looking for the best deal, Grinding my way up to build a proper reputation.
When i reached the age of 10 my father died in one of the many battles he fought for the king, his patriotism is still remembered to this day, and i never knew my mother, she had passed away at my birth, but was told she had a heart of gold, whom she would share what little food we had with the poor community.
This had taught me that kindness is a virtue, a sign of Strength signifying that no matter how the world may be evil, kindness will prevail.

And I, Antonius Scallini, will follow my own path into becoming a hopeful merchant, and a patriot to my community. To grind through the harsh lands and to build a colony worthy of my fathers sacrifice. If you believe I can be of use to your community feel free to send me a letter, i will gladly communicate with you. But know that one day, i shall set out and build my own colony, to help the weak and unfortunate from the disturbers of peace and those whom take away the liberty of others!