Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Ernere Rivereye

Race: Beastman, Erwydra

God: Nelena

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: Glims Mercenaries.

Username: Rafiqi

Foundation Points: 14,105

Foundation Title: Emissary


Projected/preferred skills:
Alteration, Divination, Illusionism, and Restoration magic (or Musicianship depending on how that's gonna work) with a little Assassination. It'll be a little hard to hit me, but by the time you do my allies will be healed and buffed, your mages scared witless, and you'll finally realize how big a mistake you made coming for me.

I might not kill you, but the mountain of muscle running at you full speed with a sword bigger than both of us just might.

The middle child of a renowned magic professor and a world-class chef, Ernere Mountaineye grew up in a fast-paced household. Many nights saw both parents out late, leaving five children alone for hours, if not days, with little structure. Their absence inevitably led to a lot of conflict among the Mountaineye children, who were quick to action for Erwydra. The neighbors would jokingly inform their parents that they spent "the whole day" screaming and did little else, but often there was no joke to tell.

Growing up without your parents around did more than spark some sibling wars though. Feelings of abandonment

It didn't take long for Ernere to learn how to fade into the background whenever words were thrown around; oftentimes his siblings would finish yelling to find him reading a book, patiently waiting to get back to normal. Some call it the trait of a middle child, others the inheritance of a weak backbone from his village-guard-turned-chef of a father. Regardless, Ernere knows when to pick his battles.

While he disregarded the near-daily squabbles of his family, he drew the line when his younger siblings were getting berated by anyone older and stronger, whether that be a random bully on the street, a teacher, or even his own family.