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Bloody queen Aish

Race: Blood Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Guild: Bloody pact

Username: ProstoSmile

Foundation Points: 33,450

Foundation Title: --


Bloody queen, or bloodthirsty Aish. Blood of Great heroes, kings of forgotten kingdoms, extinct monsters, and many other great creatures contained in her bloody collection. Few can resist her beauty and charisma, and not give her their blood, but if they resist, she show them shes true form, true power of demons, and take them blood by force. It's a legend about Bloody queen, and it's true. But in long time ago, heroes defeat bloody gueen, and seal she in depths of the earth, and now... seal lost it's power, and Aish now free, very weak, but shes power will return, and everyone willl be now about Blood queen, and will be afraid for their blood,