Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Iustitia Impios

Race: Shadow Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Guild: --

Username: Parkerlj33

Foundation Points: 8,925

Foundation Title: Envoy


Iusticia Impios. Lawless Justice. A Latin name given to him by the first human mercenaries he worked for. He always does what is right, in his own eyes of course. Iusticia lives by 3 simple rules:
1. No law above the one inside
2. No wrong to one who has not wronged
3. Never look back, only forward
These rules were forged by the rough childhood he had, full of betrayal and deceit. Never one to be a public leader, he stays in the shadows helping to keep whatever guild he is in running smoothly. An assassin by nature and a merchant by choice, Iusticia has the skills necessary maintain possession of his product even in dangerous situations.