Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Elysium

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: --

Username: Namenai

Foundation Points: 750

Foundation Title: --


Obsessed with the power of the elements and what they can accomplish, Namenai, a soul protector of Hope Rising, combines many elements to defeat her foes. She may be a polite and beautiful young woman on the outside, but deep down she hungers for competition and attempts to push peers beyond their limits to see what they can accomplish. She is not your typical mage that likes to battle from afar, instead, she is an elemental warrior. Namenai will always assault her targets in a close and personal fashion and it is nothing to joke about. Even today, she still strives to seek new challenges, master more natural elements, and bring Hope Rising to a more comfortable place in the world. The family of Hope Rising will always be a home for Namenai, till the end of time.