Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Elysium

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: - Demon Kings -

Username: Midoriya

Foundation Points: 56,435

Foundation Title: --


Born in a small human village, son of a demon male named Ainz'Sukhar and a beautiful female human, Merida, Baatar was being taught arcane knowledge as his parents were both archwizards but he could never master these arts himself. Instead, Baatar decided that he would use the small amount of the arcane power he learned from his parents and combine it with his passion in music, so he picked up a lute and started playing. Soon he would be earning a living in a local tavern..
One day he was having dinner in that tavern which was not too popular, the juicy meat he ate that day was full of proteins. Meat was Baatar's favorite food, He felt some sort of power on the tip of his fingers which fizzled in an instant. There was something different with this meat. This was not just a normal meat. The tavernkeep Banero, saying that it was just the usual was not enough to make him believe. He spent months hiding in the shadows trying to learn where this meat came from. Tailed Banero until one day he found out the source. The Peaceful wise man, Banero would go hunting but he wouldn't hunt just animals. He would hunt human and beastmen.
Wanting his thirst for power to come to end Baatar was desperate to find a way. So he went for it. He went to hunt. He killed an innocent human. Ate the flesh. Eating it did not feel as good but the blood. That thick red liquid pouring down his throat. That taste, that power. It was the blood. He had found out the problem. He had found out the way to solve this problem. He knew the taste of the blood now, and it was only the beginning. Human and some beastmen disappeared from their home and no one knew where they was. Baatar could hunt them sneaky and without trace for several months. But one day, the Holy knight, a master of fire, Meliodas came. He searched for Baatar for a long time and found him suddenly in the Dark Forest of Syndesia.
They started fighting each other. Baatar had over the time an inhuman strength and speed but he hadn't much experience in fighting with an holy knight.
Meliodas attacked Baatar with his magic sword and fire abilities. Baatar couldn't believe how strong Meliodas was.
Meliodas gave him a quietus with his special skill 'Fire Phoenix'. Baatar died finally.
But there was something that he saw when he was dying. He saw Fire.
His father the mysterious demon Ainz'Sukhar called him. Baatar was reborn.
He woke up on Tartaros. His demon shape was huge and he had all over the body burns because of Meliodas. But his body adapted to fire.
A new life begins!

He lost his memory's of his old life, he only can remember fragments. The demons saw him and respected him for what he was, He was an Hellfire demon with huge horns. Some demons said he looked familiar with Hades.
He was full of anger and ignorance. Determined to explore the world and learn as much as he could.
He was interested in dark magic and fire. He also would like to see all humans and beastmen crying and suffer of pain, death and destruction.

There was only 1 problem, he didn't know his name. Because many demons on Tartaros said, that he looks familiar with Hades, he questioned ''Am I Hades?''.