Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Human

God: Galvanos

Alignment: True Neutral

Guild: Pious

Username: Lominoth

Foundation Points: 1,250

Foundation Title: Whisperer


"Damnit, you just HAD to steal the Quetzal's egg didn't you Sanara!" Lominoth said in winded breath.
They were running as fast as their legs could carry them, through the western forests. Sanara cluctched a green and blue speckled egg as tightly as she could.
"Hey, you know the rumors! I can't pass up this opportunity." Sanara shouted back
"Yeah well we wont be able to complete our world map if were eaten by reptilian birds now will we!"
Lominoth spots a cave, he points to it and Sanara runs as fast as she can. The mother quetzal lands in front of her, beak snarling heavily as she Eyes her egg. Lominoth draws his sword and waves it in the quetzals face.
"Look over here you overgrown lizard! Your mother was a peacock!" he shouts antagonizing the beast.
The Quetzal turns, and slashes at him with his claws. Sanara seeing her chance runs into the cave to safety. As Lominoth and the Quetzal battle she shouts begging him to make it to safety.

The beast forces Lominoth to the end of a cliff. With only one chance Lominoth dives under it's legs and slides into the cave entrance.
"Don't ever do that again" Lominoth says as he passes out in exaustion...