Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Bhiodh Leomhan

Race: Beastman, Chadra

God: Elysium

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: Brotherhood of points

Username: Leviathanwolf

Foundation Points: 30,005

Foundation Title: --


As a young cub, my life was not the easiest. I was constantly getting into fights, trying to survive. Being the only one of my kind I always stood out and never had a family of my own. I was the outcast and had nowhere to go, life was always hard. One particularly rainy day I somehow upset a group of people and they beat me within an inch of my life. With the splatter of the rain and the smell of wet ground and dirty mud I regain my awareness. Gasping for air as I tried to stand, my vision swirling... taste of iron on my lips and the swelling on my face overwhelmed my senses... Unsure if I'm going to even make it under cover I felt a gentle touch on my arm. Tenderly helped steady me and I turned to see a black figure guiding me; I don't remember what happened other than waking up in a dimly lit stale-smelling room when the face of a young woman appeared in my vision. She had hidden me in a barn and tended to my wounds, she nursed me back to health with her "specialty soup"; To this day it was the best soup I have ever had, I still remember the flavor of sweet basil mixing with fresh potato and fresh cream. After a few weeks of taking care of me, we started to get closer and I was finally able to move again, but that was short-lived. The village found me in the barn and they took her away and cast me away, I left with a battered body and bruised spirit. As the day passed I started to feel a rage I'd never known before bubble up inside me. Every ache of my body and every cry of my soul added to my anger. I looked back on the hills where that village layed, vowing to take revenge on them. It was then that I noticed smoke starting to rise out on the horizon. The rage subsided and all I could think of was that girl who saved me. Every piece of logic and reasoning slipped from my mind and I ran. I ran with everything I had, My muscled screaming and lungs on fire but with a single thought, she has to be alive. I leap through the smoke in a fit of worry and rage and see the cause of chaos. Bandits, with a power I have never known before I went at them claws out and fangs bared. For the first time in my life, I was fighting for my life, I was fighting for someone else and I was fighting for a group that never showed me anything but malice. Yet I needed to save them and after a moment the air finally stilled. The fires roared for a time but the villagers that survived put them out and eventually gathered around as I finished off the leader of the bandits rescuing the woman that saved me. I became the town's hero that day and from then on I started training my skills and the new town's guards. We became prestigious and well-known, and every noble and every street rat wanted a chance to live in our glory. And despite being a beast-man, I married that young woman a few years after the incident and I lived a good life, unaware of what was to become of our future... Unaware of where I would be now...