Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Azarath the Usurper

Race: Shadow Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: Darkbloods

Username: KongtheMonkeyKing

Foundation Points: 24,310

Foundation Title: Herald


The ancient demon known as the Bane of Kings, Shadowstalker and the second-in-command of the Darkbloods started his journey long before the Fracture. Trained since birth by an ancient order of assassins devoted to Bailis whose names were lost to history, the young Nightmare believed his only purpose was to follow the Dark God, but he hated being the pawn of some god's game. He killed for countless years in his god's name but was never satisfied being a servant. One day though pushed Azarath's hatred too far. His order sent him to murder a young vampire who recently turned from Bailis, yet when he was sent to kill her he couldn't. On that day Azarth broke all of his oaths to Bailis and swore he would bring Bailis to his knees. Destroying the very order that raised him, Azarth brought fear to all worshipers of the Dark God. He thought he was alone on this path of heresy, but soon learned he was not. He was hunting a group of humans who had turned toward Bailis only to find them all dead and Rongramok the Betrayer standing in the middle of them. Azarath had heard of the Betrayer and how he seeks to overthrow the gods, but never had he expected to meet the legendary demon in person. The larger demon began to walk away, not noticing the Nightmare following behind him. Soon they went into a clearing where six altars to the Six Gods were standing. Tied to each altar was the race of each god, three beastmen, two humans, and a lone demon. Azarath watches with fascination as the Hellfire burned them all to the ground and absorbed the power released from the altars. After having witnessed such blasphemy Azarath approached Rongramok. Then and there and bond of blood was formed and the two sought to wreak havoc upon the gods’ works. He and the Betrayer soon founded the Darkbloods as a way for demons to be free from the god that gave them form and became legends in the process. At the height of their power, none could stand against them. But eventually Babilis imprisoned Rongramok and the Darkbloods were scattered. Wandering the lands Azarath found companionship from one of the gods he so hated, for Galvanos, favored Azarth because of his skill often accompanied him as his searched for his companions. But then the Fracture occurred and Rongramok free. Azarath now seeks to rejoin his old acquaintance, rebuild the Darkbloods, and reforge a new destiny for himself. And this time no one will stand in his way!