Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Blood Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: True Neutral

Guild: --

Username: Kerubael

Foundation Points: 31,365

Foundation Title: --


Wandered through the rough lands of Tartaros alone most of his time.
Seeking knowledge that would help him survive and advance...
To where? He doesn't know either. There is just a whisper, a drive that keeps him going, no matter what...

Usually he keeps to himself, not despising his fellow demon kin, yet he usually prefers more cultivated companions.

Sometimes you can see him even stand by with an calculating look. Rarely he helps one or the other side, in their fight for survival.
Unless he gets something out of it, of course. Or when he finds a fight too onesided. Spicing it up a little, by making it an equal challenge for each side.

Some of his kin shun him for his true neutral approach in life, but that's what how he prefers it.