Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: True Neutral

Guild: --

Username: Imacule

Foundation Points: 28,025

Foundation Title: --


Regardless of a mind originally bent towards sheer destruction, the single thought of becoming greater than any other Hellfire Demon drove him towards the path which he previously shunned for its weakness. Through magic and cunning it was possible to do that which sheer force could not. And so it was through restraint, before unthinkable to him, practice, before only known in slaughter, and will that he forced himself to greater depths than he could he ever reached through might alone. It was through this, and devotion to Galvanos and not Babilis, that forced the conclusion that sometimes pure and malice filled evil could not accomplish that which a speck of true neutrality could.
Immaculatus is a Demon to whom, even holding to true Evil and Babilis, there is nothing that he cannot look at of himself and forsake for the true pursuit of magic, power, and to becoming greater than he was.
Even when he is unmatched, he will find a path deeper. He will never stop. It is simply not in his nature. There is perfection in magic, and it will be found.