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Handsome AJ

Race: Beastman, Udoadra

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: Iron Fang Mercenarys

Username: HandsomeAJ

Foundation Points: 1,800

Foundation Title: Whisperer


No much is known about Handsome AJ if that is his real name. Handsome AJ is a Udoadra he can usually be found with a group of mercenary's or a brothel. He weapon of choice is a two handed long sword instead of the spear witch Udoadre usually use. No one knows much about A.J and Every time some one would ask his story he would always says the same thing. That he was born raised in a forest, and that when he was 9 he saw a Knight and a Shadow Demon get into a intense sword fight the outcome of the fight is that the Knight came out victorious. Ever since then he would inspire to become a great knight himself. He would practice sword fighting with sticks with his brothers. But after a few years he dropped the dream and just became a hired sword. "pays more coin and gets you to the woman and drink faster than being a Knight" He would always say. Unlike most beastmen he walks around in steel armor he says he found it on a dead Knight. (Probably killed him for it)