Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Gustav Black

Race: Human

God: Elysium

Alignment: Neutral Good

Guild: --

Username: GustavBlack

Foundation Points: 5,960

Foundation Title: Messenger


Gustav Black started his life as a simple kid in the slums of a very small town and only had his mother to care for him. His father was a soldier in the castle but got caught in a evil plan as a escape goat and died dishonored and that was the reason his mother and himself got thrown to the slums. He was too young to know that such a plot was the reason that life in the city was no more.
One cold winter night, he was woken by the sound of lightning and screams, the capital was under siege and some mages were defending the city gates by the slums. The battle was brutal and sparks and smoke dominated the area and people were running frenetically around trying to escape the mage's blue lightning hitting the enemy forces. He saw that one of the siege weapons had been partially damaged by the lightning and he ran towards it to try and finish one of the wheels off, he made it and the towering structure came down over a few of the enemy's troops. He was happy, feeling for the first time the feeling that he guessed his late father felt in the heat of battle even tho he was just a kid. But he got hit by and stray flying arrow on the back and fell. Everything was dark, and the last thing he saw was a purple and black hooded man standing over him and than a golden light coming out of his hands.