Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Belgan The Wise

Race: Beastman, Erwydra

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Lawful Good

Guild: Elusive

Username: Gofrit

Foundation Points: 62,290

Foundation Title: --


On Arboreus, beastmen pray Elysium mother of all things or Tyros father of warm justice, it's common knowledge. But there some beastmen who pray other gods. Belgan is one of them. All his life, he was interested by knowledge driven by a endless curiosity.

This way of life started when he was little, no one could answer his questions about life, about the 3 planets, about the 3 races... even the community elder was unprepared at first.
Year passed, Belgan was accumulated frustration to didn't have answers despite reading all availing books passing in his hands. But a day, an encounter has an overwhelming impact on him.

On a trip to the major Arboreus city he found an unconscious injured human, resting aside the path. Next to him he had a big mall with long straps. Belgan identified him like a hawker, but it was very rare to see a human doing it here in Arboreus. Obeying the precept of Elysium, he healed quickly the guy and waited to him to regain conscience. Waiting to do nothing was difficult to Belgan and curiosity helping, initiate to look the hawker merchandises... Then, he was astonished, no buttons, no jewels, no material, but books, lot of books... a mountain of unread books. A beastman who could pass at this moment would see a lot of sparkle in Belgan eyes.
Belgan didn't resisted to open a old one... but he wasn't possible to read it.. the book was full of unknown letters and lot of strange shapes... So he tried a second, a third and continue until he find a readable book. Finally he found one, "Galvanos treaty, My Wise Words", and started to read it.
Reading it he loosed attention of the human, completely unaware of his real environment he was entrapped himself in his reading. A big Hour passed when he think something was odd. Raising his eye from the book, he see the human preparing some lunch with vegetables and looking to him in same time. "Ohh, thanks guy to your help, I see than my books take your interest. Let's discuss about it, come here, my name is Herman Goldfry and I'm one of Galvanos followers".

At the end of night, Belgan's wish to know more about his world was, for the first time, satisfied. It was the beginning of this new journey, a spiritual one with probably no end.

Today, Belgan is renowed like "Belgan The Wise", walking on Arboreus to look for some knowledge and to give some when one is in need, or when one need advice.