Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Shadow Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Guild: Les Enfants de Babilis

Username: Esher

Foundation Points: 102,375

Foundation Title: --


Esher come from a huge family. He had six sisters and three brothers, all having pretty the same age, but they didn't last long. In fact, in his family, it's a use to make the children fight in a little arena when they are 18, and they keep only the best boy and the best girl.

Before fighting with his brothers and sisters, his childhood was filled with hunt, training and fighting. There was not really place for feelings in this family, and their parents wanted them to their best when the time will come.

And then, when all of the children got 18 years old, the parents brought them to the arena. The was all prepared for it, and all wanted to survive. Esher killed one brother and one sister, and Azelia, the sister remaining, killed two sister and another brother.

After the fight, passionated by discovery, he left his home to travel across Tartaros. He learned the job of assassin with a master of it, and he learned well. After have learn all what he can fromm him, he took again the road of Tartaros, going sometimes on Syndesia to trade some things.

Esher is more cold-blooded. He is not fan of bloodbath, but if somebody try to fool him, or if he is attacked, don't except any sympathy from him. He likes to talk with everybody, and he likes to scare people, especially beastmen.