Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Ectorr Stormclaw

Race: Human

God: Elysium

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Guild: Crownless Order

Username: Ectorr

Foundation Points: 29,620

Foundation Title: --


Born and raised at his uncle's manor, coming from a long forgetten clan of great warriors. May they've chosen farming as their lifestyle, the Stormclaws have never forgotten that there are times when the tools must be put to rest, and weapons be sharpened. Such as the ongoing cycles of peaceful times and wars, and the furious battleroars that travels far on the blood soaked battlegrounds.

Raised via strict standards, he grew up to be a man who carries the wisdom of his forefathers, the teachings of a real warrior and love in his hearth for his family and ancestors.
Been told about the dark planes of this world, yet never really understood, if there is so much light surrounding humanity, how is evil can lurk around freely and sow despair, suffering and darkness in our hearth. But with time he learned the truth, that evil exist within man equally, but its on your own soul what you grow up into, may be the warrior of light and kindness, balance your life between the planes or cause chaos whereever your life will take you.
His belief is that our faith is set in stone, but the way to get there is a call yours only. That is why he always felt, being good is the right path, but the reality of our age requires more, bringing kindness, freedom, good acts to society, be that against law, order and authority or nature itself.

He often says: "Be it small or large, today is the right day for a good deed, but also remember to keep your chin high, your eyes on the sky and your soul free of the dark"