Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Kimber V. Hakomairos

Race: Human

God: Elysium

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Guild: Argentavian Federation

Username: DrunkRussianBear

Foundation Points: 19,075

Foundation Title: Ambassador


Kimber Valyrus Hakomairos is a descendant of the ancient leader of the 82nd Dread Korps, Lord Visari Valyrus Hakomairos. He was appointed command of the regiment after his fathers death twenty years ago, at the time Kimber was only fifteen.

Kimber comes from a very large distant family from the house of Valyrus of an ancient now defunct empire only known as the “Imperium of man”. Kimber knows Little about his descendants and the empires past and is the first leader of the new generation to begin distancing themselves from the original empire and forming an independent group. None of the regiments members know the of the empires death but many have turned against it.

The House of Valyrus itself collapsed with the empires collapse, and Kimber is the last remaining member of the House of Valyrus known to be alive.

Tasked to keep the legacy of the 82nd he is willing to stomp all threats that decide to challenge the 82nd and its future. Kimber is the first Lord Commander Militant to begin the expansion of the 82nd into a much larger empire of its own.

Kimber is by far the most radical leader from the House of Valyrus and will not stop until his goals are accomplished. He has reached the point of changing the regiments motto to “Numquam retro, numquam dedite”, which translates to Never retreat, never surrender.