Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Guild: --

Username: DoomCraftFTW

Foundation Points: 900

Foundation Title: Whisperer


A demon whose greatest joy in his life is battle. Despite being a demon, he will wait for enemies to be ready and refuses to fight the oblivious to his intentions, even if others may attack him by surprise. His unknown origin baffles all races alike but his name resembles that of an immortal fallen angel who was shunned by his brethren and became the ideal form of power, an indestructible body with an unstoppable attack with which to wage his war against those who would defy him. While his name resembles the angel of this legend, he certainly does not seem to resemble them in other ways and despises those who would compare him to the angel in a genuine effort for unknown reasons. Emotions to this demon are almost like a gentle breeze hitting a mountain as he will not be swayed by those he wishes to fight, and rarely shows more emotions than utter glee while in battle and rage when he is forced to do that which he does not choose to do himself, unsurprisingly those are also his most conversational moments. The one time he doesn't enjoy a battle is when he must fight those who aren't ready to fight but won't back down as he takes it as an insult to his power and skill causing the battle to end quickly. He doesn't mind losing a battle as long as he gets his fill of fighting, single strikes to end the battle quickly are never his ideal as he wishes to unleash a series of pain on his opponent until he's out of energy, if the opponent won't oblige he will become enraged and go on a rampage attacking anything in his immediate area to unleash his power, usually destroying the environment and reforming the terrain to rubble. While in-between battles he will prepare himself and try to become stronger through various tasks and activities for his next battle. While being a battle driven creature, he will work with others when he doesn't wish to battle them or he's already beaten them in battle before, unfortunately most others don't wish to cooperate with him so they will avoid him out of fear he will attack them. As he gets most of his socializing when in battle he doesn't really care as long as it doesn't affect him getting to fight.