Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Epinephrine Nifleheim

Race: Hellfire Demon

God: Elysium

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Guild: --

Username: DarkRotul

Foundation Points: 11,770

Foundation Title: Envoy


Epinephrine was a child of the nation; his childhood was dedicated to train for war. He felt good with all this, the fire was his motto, He liked torture insects in his childhood. that was really fun watch all these little insects trying to survive, and way better to watch them suffer under a boy strength.

But, this one day... The day the officers decided to attack Arboreus to gather some wood and other materials, the day they attacked a little town of Nheedra, just because it's fun, because they could not stand our strength. his capt'ain get attacked by a big bear, he didn't manage to survive, but there was many demons and he couldn't stand longer with so many against him. He fights as well and burnt houses, He killed a momma bear because she was there, and no one should survive.
He thought it was right, it was the thing to do, we needed the materials, and in this war, they were the bad guys, how many demons did they killed?
But, Epinephrine lied. When his Sergeant asked him if every soul were redeemed. He told him "Yes Sir! I enjoyed killed the momma and her cub!". That was not the first time he lied and not the first time he rebels against authority, but this time it was different, he spared someone, just because the little bear will not fight to survive. And... It was... Right...?

After this, Epinephrine became depressive and tortured. His flames were not as good as before, and he couldn’t fight properly, he got beaten up tens of times until he decided to live apart, he went in Arboreus back and because he couldn’t kill anybody right now, he observed nature and beast.
This is almost present day, during his observation, another demon came, and he wanted to torture Epinephrine subject of observation. This poor creature didn’t deserve it. Epinephrine could not stand this, and he fight the demon. He won but didn’t kill him. During the fight, he noticed that his flames came back, but it was different. he didn’t used them to fight but to protect and the color of the flames were different. everything started to change from now on.