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Blackhard TwoMoons

Race: Beastman, Udoadra

God: Nelena

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: Dawn Roarers

Username: DaltonL2000

Foundation Points: 51,540

Foundation Title: --


Blackhard TwoMoons was born into the Dawn Roarers Wolfpack, He was was named for his ancient wolf-sire; the great Blackhard who ran with Firelong himself. Now he carries the burden of that heritage. Not only was Blackhard born into the ruling family of the Dawn Roarers Wolfpack, but his skill let him climb the ranks to rule the Dawn Roarers as Hunt Leader. Blackhard is a master tracker and hunter, as is common for the Dawn Roarers, and prefers the longbow. However, he is also skilled with the sword and daggers.