Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Blood Demon

God: Galvanos

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Guild: --

Username: Curinia

Foundation Points: 500

Foundation Title: --


The nation of Mendev. (pronounced MEN-dev) In northeastern Avistan is a land defined by its conflict with Abyssal forces unheard of anywhere else on Golarion. The people of this beleaguered land constantly struggle with the demonic rift of the Worldwound found across its western border. Mendev is now in the middle of its fifth holy crusade against the demons of that land, and along with the pious and righteous, this crusade has attracted its fair share of mercenaries, outcasts, and ne'er-do-wells of all types hoping to take advantage of a war that has lasted for nearly a century.
Crawling from the pits of hell my Mother (Kenasha) met my father. He dismal human wandering the forgotten landscapes alone. Traveling deep in a forest he met a siren of foretold beauty sprawled across a stone tablet waving him closer. Thus I was conceived. Once my mother was satisfied she returned back to the writhing pit from wince she came. I was born into an infernal pit swarming with Greater and lesser demons alike. One might think that Demons are savage, crude, ruthless, and uncivilized. All of this may be true but, I grew up in a good-sized settlement in the infernal realm we all looked after each other protecting those from the onslaught of the humans and their crusade. When I was a child I was given the ability of magic passes down from the demon heritage. But where my powers came from was from Kenasha. A pact of blood was formed when I was four granting me the master and the art of Enchanting, Charming and Illusion from Kenasha. Years passed as I trained to become a powerful witch like her. When I reached adulthood I was gifted her Dress she had use to seduce all her victims. This dress that I was given had an extraordinary ability to charm others and increase ones natural beauty. I may have used this item for mischief, crime, or for the greater good. But since that time, this piece of clothing has always held it’s special place in my heart.