Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO



Race: Blood Demon

God: Elysium

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Guild: --

Username: Beyn

Foundation Points: 32,710

Foundation Title: --


Let me tell you a story...

Blood sucker, leech, demon freak...I was called a lot of things as a child.
Just because I grew up in a human slum, just because I grew up an orphan, just because I looked a little different, just because it was impossible to kill me. Everyone around me looked at me with eyes of disgust, except for one boy.
The one person in the entire slum who didn't call me names, who didn't try to stay away from me, the one boy who made even a vampire like me feel that it was okay to stay alive.
That boy made sure that he gave me more praises than the insults I received.
Suddenly, one day he was caught by the adults of the slum and told to stay away from me.
Yet he did not, he continued to help me, a vampire, despite knowing that he would be hated by everyone around him.

The adults, seemingly not able to take that anymore, publicly executed that boy and mounted his head on a stake and placed it right in front of my house.
That is when it happened, the powers that the people of the slum dreaded, the powers of a demon which could lay waste to the entire slum with just a thought, awoke.
Though normally in such situations, the demon would rampage, killing everyone in sight, however I was still sane...very sane and very calm.
Very calmly I took revenge on the humans who killed my only friend, very calmly I announced that from this point forward, no evil-doer would be left alive.
Very calmly I made sure they understood that they could no longer treat the slum like they owned it, killing and raping as they please.

That is how the story of Beyn, the avenger started. In a state of extreme calm...