Hero Profile - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Atrium the Jinn

Race: Shadow Demon

God: Babilis

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Guild: - Demon Kings -

Username: Atrium

Foundation Points: 5,230

Foundation Title: Messenger


In the darkest place in Tartarous. Where those that live in the darkness remain. Lives the ruthless Assassin Atrium the Jinn. His clan is unknown, although many have said he was a God to the Jinn. Stories our told of he's many famous Death Contracts giving to him by the great God Babilis in which he has bested many strong and powerful opponents that all 3 planets can offer. He is known to be one of Babilis Champion's but for those that our brave enough to summon him can do so. You must have a relic and a sacrifice but be warned many have known to disappear never to return!