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Council of Elysium – Chapter Eighth – Twitch Stream

The Council of Elysium is around the corner!

Join Knilpu and Arcahem for the Eighth Chapter of the Council of Elysium for an evening of fun and catching up on the latest Fractured Online news!

When: August 12, 2022 9PM CEST / 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT
Where: gamigo’s Official Twitch

Bring a cold drink, share with your friends and join us for an evening of fun!


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Seasons – Patch Notes

Hello adventurers!
The Seasons update is now live and we’re introducing highly coveted Seasons!
Challenge the element of Fractured Online and get epic loot!

Rank yourself among your peers!

In this update, three new leaderboards are introduced into Fractured Online:

  • • Players Leaderboard, which lists players, ordering them by total knowledge points, PVP elo
    or legend score.
  • • Guilds Leaderboard, which lists guilds, ordering them by the sum of total knowledge points
    or PVP elo of their members or legend score of the guild.
  • • Season leaderboard, which shows guilds listed by their season score.

Those leaderboards will be available as new tabs inside the Social menu.

Score with the Legends!

PVP elo and total knowledge points remain unchanged and will be earned as normal, whereas Legend score for both players and guild will be earned as follows:

  • • 1 point if player/guild has gained loot on an easy legend.
  • • 2 points if player/guild has gained loot on an medium legend.
  • • 4 points if player/guild has gained loot on a hard legend.

The legend score is always updated in real-time, while the PvP Elo and total KP of a player are updated every 15 minutes or when the player logs out


PVP Elo [PE] has always existed in the game, but it was visible only from the Character menu.

All new characters start with 0 PE (Unranked PE) and every time a new character kills another player and gains “loot rights”, disregarding the alignment of both players, it gains +2 PE and every time it dies it loses -1 PE.

Once a character reaches 20 PE it automatically moves to Ranked PE and is assigned a new score of 1000 and at this point, a character can never go back to Unranked.

Every time a Ranked character is killed in PVP, the average PE of all Ranked players who gained rights is computed (avgKillersRating) and how much PE is lost by the victim is determined by a classic ELO formula:


The same amount of PE lost by the victim is gained by the killers, equally split between all of them.

Please note: players don’t gain actually loot rights against other players like they do VS monsters.
Whether a player can loot the corpse of another player depends solely on the alignment of the two and “loot rights” are used solely to determine whether a player has deal enough damage or not.


City Allegiance

Cities can now pledge allegiance to a guild. Governor or Vice Governor of a city can go to their Town Hall, in the Management Page there will be a new button named Pledge Allegiance which they can use to open up a menu with a list of guilds (filterable) and then pledge allegiance to a guild of their choice.

This will allow the guild to gain season points every 24 hours.
Pledge can be changed unless the city is under siege, in this case, this feature won’t be available.

Season Points

Season points (SP) are gained as follows:

  • • Whenever a guild gains loot right on a Legend, it gains +1/2/4 SP according to the difficulty of the Legend, although, if multiple members of the same guild gain loot rights on a Legend, the guild only gains points once.
  • • If a city is pledged to a guild, that guild earns and amount of SP equal to RoundUp(CityRank/2*NationMultiplier)

○ NationMultiplier is 1 if the city isn’t part of a nation or if it’s part of a nation in which it’s the only city, otherwise the Nation Multiplier is equal to 1+MemberCities/10.
○ Explained with an example: 4 rank 15 cities generate 8 SP per day if alone, if united in the same nation they generate 11 SP per day.

  • • When a city pledged to a guild wins a raid and the losing city was pledged to a guild as well, the winning guild steals 15 SP from the losing guild and if the loser doesn’t have enough SP, the winner still steal fewer since SP cannot fall below 0.

City Repairs Incoming!

Multiple city-related changes and bug fixes have been introduced in this patch:

  • Nations declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly created on Myr.
  • • All existing nations have been deleted to correct the nation data.
  • • Sieges declared on Aerhen are no longer mistakenly assigned to the cities with the same ID on Myr.
  • • Defenders within the Town Hall are now protected from PVP, just like the attackers within the Siege Tent.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes make the siege banners built by the defenders not be assigned to the city so the main banner in front of the town hall was immediately vulnerable.
  • • Fixed a bug that would sometimes prevent the main siege banner of the defenders from spawning in front of the Town Hall, which would then guarantee a victory for the defenders.
  • • Fixed a bug that would make city rank not correctly update server-side, this could have created various issues, such as the inability to declare a raid against a city because the server thought it was rank 0.
  • • Players who log into the game within a siege zone during the siege battle and aren’t attackers or defenders are now correctly kicked from the siege zone.

Backend Rework

There has been a major backend rework to make servers more secure and prevent accidental interaction between live and QA servers.

  • • Player creation, login and logout.
  • • Cities.
  • • Social structures such as parties, guilds and settler groups.
  • • Player land parcels

Bug Fixes

  • Points of Interest are now discovered correctly on Aerhen when a player gets nearby.
  • • Fixed an issue that would sometimes prevent players from placing corner walls in their city wall zone.
  • Attackers can no longer open city gates during sieges
  • Attackers can now only place 3 banners instead of 5.
  • • The crafting mastery progression bar that shows the progression from the current rank to the next now updates correctly.
  • • Horses can no longer be mounted when knocked down.
  • • The Clear Filters button in the UI of the marketplace now correctly resets the city filter to “this city”.
  • • Invites to join a Settler Group can no longer be sent to players who are already citizens of a city.
  • • Trusted Citizens are now able to deposit food into the town hall of their city.
  • • The world map icon of land parcels is no longer shown on different continents too.
  • • The war hammer and morning start movement animations now correctly get faster/slower according to the movement speed modifier.
  • • Issuing a loot or gather command right after killing a creature no longer breaks the walk and run animations.

Should you encounter any bugs, please use the Bug Report Form.
Should you have any feedback related to patch notes, please click the Discuss button below!

Your Fractured Online team


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Fractured Online – Special Twitch Stream

Hello adventurers!

It’s time for a special Fractured Online Twitch stream!
Join Knilpu, Arcahem and special guest, CEO of Dynamight Studios Jacopo Pietro Gallelli, for a special day of reveals and more!

When: July 29, 2022 @ 5PM CEST / 8AM PST / 11AM EST
Where: gamigo’s Official Twitch

Be sure to bring a cold drink and a delicious snack!
If you have any questions be sure to leave us a comment by pressing the Discuss button below!

See you there adventurers!


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Fractured Online – Website Relaunch!

Hey there weary adventurer,

the Fractured Online website has evolved into a new powerful form, now equipped with a shiny new look, the website is better than ever!

Get the latest Fractured Online news directly on the front page so you won’t miss a single beat and locate that one post you’re looking for with the new search function!

Learn more about the races and what makes them unique.
Will you be an honourable Human, upholding the laws of civilization on Syndesia?
Perhaps you’re a peaceful soul like the Wildfolk, a guardian of nature with superhuman resilience and keen survival skill who resides on the lush planet of Arboreus?
Or a vicious Demon, residents of hostile Tartaros, are more your cup of tea? Bloodthirsty creatures who only seek to ravage and destroy anything unlucky enough to cross their path – the choice is yours.

Discover the lore of Syndesia, Arboreus and Tartaros, from lush landscapes to dreadful arid hellscapes, there will be lots of your to explore!

What are you waiting for, adventurer,
this and much more awaits on our new Fractured Online home!


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Fractured Online – Conquest Patch Notes


It is time to raise the banners of war, sharpen your blades, enchant your staves and elect your seconds in command: city conquests are back!

In today’s patch, conquests have undergone several changes, making them much more sophisticated and complex than they used to be. This creates a more diverse competitive scene for towns all over!

City Conquests

The aim of this major rework is to make conquering a city much harder than before for the attackers, while putting the latter in danger as well in case the aggression fails.

This rework was prompted by a very strong community feedback, as losing a city from a single attack was deemed too punishing and was likely to make the defeated group quit the game.

New System: Loyalty

Each city now has a loyalty counter that goes from 0% to 100%. This counter is set to 100% when the city is claimed or conquered.

The city passively regenerates loyalty over time, at a rate of 1% every 6 hours, and it needs 80% loyalty to launch a conquest against another city.

During a city conquest, the loyalties of both the attacking and the defending city are at stake and could be lost.

If the attackers win a city conquest and manage to lower the loyalty of the defending city to 0, they are allowed to take control of the defeated city.

Loyalty Banners

Both the attacker and the defender can build up to three loyalty banners, respectively in the sieging area around the attacked city and within the city walls. The banners of the defender can be built at any time (they’re a new “regular” city building, like walls), while those of the attacker can be built during the siege preparation phase (as usual, this is unchanged).

All loyalty banners must be destroyed by one of the parties to be allowed to destroy the main banner and win the event. The main banner is the one connected to the siege tent (for the attackers) or to the town hall (for the defenders). The latter is spawned automatically when a siege is declared, while the former is part of the siege tent.

How Loyalty is lost

The following table shows the results of different scenarios at the end of a city conquest event.

Scenario Result
The attackers win the event by destroying the
defenders’ main banner (town hall banner).
60% loyalty loss for the defenders.
If the defender’s current loyalty is 0%, the
attackers can take control of the city.
The defenders win the event by destroying the
attackers’ main banner (siege tent banner).
30% loyalty loss for the attackers.
The event ends before either party managed to
destroy the opposing team main banner
10% loyalty loss for the defenders for each
loyalty banner they lost during the event (up to
30% if they lost all 3 of them).
If the defender’s current loyalty is 0%, the
attackers can take control of the city
5% loyalty loss for the attackers for each loyalty
banner they lost during the event (up to 15% if
they lost all 3 of them).

Additional Changes

  • During the first 24 hours after a conquest siege is over, only the former attacking city can declare another conquest attempt against the defeated city.
  • When a siege starts, be it a raid or a conquest, all players who aren’t defenders are now correctly kicked out of the city area (i.e. out of the walls).
  • After a city has been conquered, it can no longer be claimed immediately by the attackers. Defenders now have a 48 hours period to vacate the city, during which they can’t delete
    any building, but can remove their goods from the city.

Give Aerhen even more love!

The very last piece of the Aerhen puzzle is live: the Northern continent now has its own pins for Points of Interest on the world map, that award Knowledge Points when discovered!

They are distributed as follows:

  • 3 on Mount Ember
  • 3 on Dawn Island
  • 3 in the Storm Islands
  • 3 on the Whistling Peak
  • 7 in the Raider’s Den
  • 5 in the Red Reef
  • 7 in the Coppery Range
  • 9 in the Booming Hills

Spell Audio

The following abilities that were previously silent or reused the sounds of other abilities now have their own sound effects:

  • Lethal Strike
  • Earth Spikes
  • Stone Lance
  • Poison Spray
  • Noxious Jet
  • Aura of Devotion
  • Challenge
  • Life Link

Monster Audio

The following monsters that were previously silent or reused the sounds of other creatures now have their own sound effects:

  • Forest Troll
  • Elder Forest Troll
  • Mountain Troll
  • Elder Mountain Troll
  • Sea Troll
  • Elder Sea Troll
  • Syr (Legendary Mammoth)
  • Argadr the Stormcaller (Legendary Jotunn
  • Fenris (Legendary Arctic Wolf)
  • Mammoth Female
  • Mammoth Male
  • Moose Female
  • Moose Male
  • Jotunn Berserker
  • Jotunn Cleric
  • Jotunn Stormborn
  • Jotunn Warrior
  • Vampiric Spider
  • Arctic Wolf

As always, we hope you enjoy the new changes, if you have any feedback, click the discuss button below and let us know!

Should you encounter any bug along your adventures, click here to submit us your bug reports!

Happy adventuring!
Your Fractured Online team


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#FracturedOnlineCreation Winners!

The #FracturedOnlineCreations contest has come to a close and the grand winner has been picked!

We want to send our deepest gratitude to every single one of you who participated in our contest, all of your entries were absolutely incredible and we’re amazed by your talent!

However, there can only be one grand winner, so let’s see who takes home the grand prize!

In 1st place – Alka-Di-Kijarr

Congratulations Alka-Di-Kijarr, you’ve won the 1000€ grand prize and your design will be implemented into Fractured Online, we can’t wait to see your majestic creation graciously gallop through Myr’s pastures!

In 2nd place – Creadfectus

Congratulations, you’ve won the 500€ cash prize!

In 3rd place – Noevember

Congratulations, you’ve won the 250€ cash prize!

A very special thanks to all participants!
Take a look at their amazing entries and be sure to send them some love!

Check out all the DeviantArt entries here!
Be sure to send some love to Damien de Schoutheete, Kaiowa Art, Mister Janitor and GamgeeTv!

Everyone from 4th place below will receive 1000 premium credits!

But that’s not all!
Lady luck has spoken and two winners have been raffled to receive a Fractured Online T-Shirt!

Congratulations to Kaiowa Art and GamgeeTV!

Thank you very much for taking part in the #FracturedOnlineCreations and congratulations to all the winners!
Your Fractured Online team


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Council of Elysium – Chapter Seven – Twitch Stream

The Council of Elysium is on its way!

We hope you’re ready for a very special stream, as we have a star-studded cast!
Arcahem, Knilpu join special guests BagginsTV and GamgeeTV for the Seventh Chapter of the Council of Elysium!

An evening of fun, friendly chatter and raffles await!

When: July 8, 2022 9PM CEST / 12PM PDT / 3PM EDT
Where: BagginsTV’s official Twitch

See you there adventurers!
Your Fractured Online team


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Feature Spotlight – Seasons

Seasons come, seasons go, they bring sunshine, they bring snow – and they also bring a wealth of exciting new features into Fractured Online!

The world of Fractured Online is filled with fun and adventure as it is. Here and now we’re going to tell you about a feature that will make visiting the worlds of Syndesia, Arboreus and Tartaros an even bigger pleasure – we’re talking about seasons!


Simply put, they offer you and your guild a competitive environment to deeply dive into. Complete in-game actions to receive points, claim the top spot on the continuously updated leaderboard and – if you and your fellow adventurers are tenacious and brave enough – reap the rewards that await at the end.

As soon as a season starts, many in-game actions that you master will grant you points that count towards a common result of the guild you’re a part of. And this is important: Only guilds are allowed to participate! Of course, you are more than welcome to find fame and fortune as a maverick in our worlds – but seasons are meant to be a group activity.

When you are a member of a guild, playing Fractured Online within a season means that you are automatically participating. Your actions will help your guild climb the leaderboard ladder, regardless of whether you started playing at the beginning of the season or two days before its scheduled ending.

When a season is over, the winners will be announced and showered in precious rewards – then a new season will start, with new leaderboards, new challenges, new opportunities and, of course, new incentives to give it your all!


Life in Fractured Online can be as exciting or as laid back as you want it to be. Do you prefer the daring life of a hunter, stalking your prey, spear at the ready?

Are you a highly focused martial artist, wandering the lands, seeking one challenge after the other, always on the lookout for an even mightier opponent? Maybe you are a friend of the quiet life, peacefully gathering plants and raw materials to become a great crafter, building nice things, and taking care of the community? All of these goals are equally valuable and useful – but you should really consider joining a guild, as having a community becomes highly important during a season!

If your guild owns cities, then it will gain a certain number of season points per day for each city owned, the value depending on the rank of the city – the higher the rank, the more points will come in. And if a city is part of a nation, it will accumulate even more points. If your guild feels adventurous, you may try and attack a neighboring city: A successful raid of a city controlled by a different guild gives additional points. Just as well as slaying a Legend does – mythical creatures, about which you can learn more here.

All of these points count toward a common goal: the sum total of your guild. You can always check out the current standing of your guild on the in-game leaderboards, on which the development of the competition is tracked at all times. And whichever guild has the most points at the end of the season, those are the winners. For the future we are also planning to make individual actions count towards season points – things like crafting special equipment or killing particularly challenging monsters. More on that will follow in a later spotlight.


We’ve mentioned several times now that there will be winners – but what is it exactly that you can get by being part of a season in Fractured Online? Well, for one thing, there are bragging rights, of course. Being an important member of the guild that managed to out rival its competition, that found itself at the very top of the leaderboard at the end of the season – that is quite a feat, and most certainly not something that can be achieved by just anyone. It requires a strong sense of comradery and teamwork to pull off, as well as a will to overcome unexpected challenges in order to stand out amongst other guilds in the end.

But of course, you can expect more than just the metaphoric rose handed to you and a pat on the back for all your hard work – there are also precious in-game rewards awaiting you and your guild mates! Once the victors of a season are established, the winners will receive their prizes. There will be several rewards eventually, but here and now, we will pick one very special prize to talk about: the City Relics!

City Relics are very rare and precious items, they award unique buffs when placed within the confines of a city, and will surely make your guild’s city stand out!
For example, if your hometown in Fractured Online happens to be really good for crafting, it could receive a blacksmithing buff – something that will increase the worth of the city immensely, attract new citizens, and is also something that no other city will have. Which makes it not only extremely useful but also very prestigious. More season rewards will be announced at a later point – but be sure that they will be just as amazing as City Relics as well as a great recognition to the winners for their impressive accomplishment.


Now, we’re still working very hard on the seasons as everything is still being balanced and polished to perfection. Which means that right now, we can not tell you exactly how long a single season will eventually be. It can be a month, it can be two months, maybe even four months – as soon as everything is set in stone, we will let you know (and try out for yourself) immediately. But one thing is for sure already: A season in Fractured Online will give you more than just entertainment!

If you happen to be a TV series fan, then you know that a new season usually starts with a big reveal, a drama, a twist – something that surprises, excites and moves you!

We have taken that to our hearts, which is why for each and every new season, we have something truly special for you in place.

After playing Fractured Online for some time, you will become very familiar with the concept of cities. Any guild can establish a city – all it needs is an unclaimed piece of land, 20 players, and some money. OK – lots of money. Once a city is established, it can become something truly big and shiny: Players can place roads and buildings, allowing them to start living a life within the walls of their guild’s hometown. And we all know how it is: Once a city begins to prosper, it can and will attract the attention of others – some peaceful… others less so.

Now, in standard play, one city can lay siege to another one – but only following certain rules, the most important of which being that only neighboring cities can start battling for ruling rights, as they need to be connected at the borders to do so.

But that particular rule does not apply at the start of a season! In the first two weeks of a new season, each and every city becomes vulnerable, regardless of their position – which means that you and your guild can attack any city, anywhere, and try to conquer it! What makes this big bang so special is that this is a very unique and rare opportunity when looking for a prime city spot – a chance to increase your area of influence that will not present itself again until the next season! So if you and your guild happen to have ambitious expansion plans, the two-week window at the start of a season gives you this one chance to conquer a city that you’ve maybe laid your eyes on for some time now but which was just out of your reach under normal circumstances. Maybe your settlers want to challenge a city that occupies a good location. Maybe you want to flex your siege muscles a bit. Or maybe you just want to get a better foothold in the world. Regardless of your reason, each season’s beginning fortnight is a prime time for expansion.


Once a season has concluded, the winners have been found, all prizes rewarded and the dust has settled, it is time for a new beginning: Seasons in Fractured Online will happen back to back – so the end of one season heralds the dawn of a new one. Every few months, depending on the eventual runtime of a season, the next chapter in the worlds of Fractured Online will greet you with new adventures, fresh challenges, and exciting battles. The first season will start in the summer of 2022.

We will make it known to all players when a season will end and when the next one is going to start, so that you don’t miss your chance for fame, glory, bragging rights – and of course, awesome loot. After all, what is the life of an adventurer without new and fresh challenges coming their way on a regular basis?

Until next time,
Your Fractured Online Team


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Fractured Online – June 30 Patch Notes

Today’s patch brings a lot of changes for adventurers like you to explore!

The new fearsome Aerhen legends, for instance, are sure to give you a hard time – but worry not, we have also introduced a plethora of balance changes to help you along the way!

Legendary reworks

Several significant changes have been applied to Legends to make the whole experience a lot more competitive, as it was always meant to be.

  • The requirements to summon all legends have been massively tweaked. In a nutshell, summoning a legend no longer requires flawless gems, but only reagents found in the area where the altar is located. Moreover, the number of different reagents required is no longer always 3, but ranges from 3 to 6, and their quantity has been rebalanced due to the changes in reagent rarity that went live with the Beta.
  • Only players with a Neutral alignment can summon and gain loot rights from Legends. This change is actually a bug fix.
  • Monsters summoned by the Legend Altar (aka “legend minions”) no longer give loot and knowledge points.
  • A message is now broadcast on the global chat when the summoning of a Legend begins. A message when the Legend is killed will also appear, as before.

Give Aerhen more love!

A new step in our effort to bring Aerhen on par with Myr is live and new Legends are now available for you to take on! There are 7 new world bosses that can be summoned, each one at its own altar:

  • Fenris – Lady of the Frozen Waste (Arctic Wolf – Easy)
  • Syr – Impaler of Giants (Mammoth – Medium)
  • Colossal Fire Construct (Unique – Medium)
  • Colossal Ice Construct (Unique – Medium)
  • Colossal Storm Construct (Unique – Medium)
  • Colossal Crystalline Construct (Unique – Hard)
  • Argadr the Stormcaller (Jotunn – Hard)

Defeating them grants 7 new Lost Tales (8 pages each, as usual), split into 2 new categories: The Will of Galvanos and Northern Myths.

Good luck adventurers!

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Vice-Governors can now promote Citizens to Trusted Citizens and vice-versa, and can also delete buildings.
  • NPC cities now show public buildings on the minimap.
  • The duration of the Burning status effect now resets every time the victim would receive another Warm stack. This allows a pyromancer to keep targets permanently Burning. Do not that this change applies to Burning only – the duration of Frozen is still limited.
  • All spells now go on a 10-seconds cooldown if the player equips a new piece of gear or swaps it with a different one. Removing a piece of gear will not trigger the cooldown.
  • Gathering time is now displayed in the tooltip of all abilities.
  • Monsters now regain 5% of their Max Health per second (min. 200) when “homing” (running back to their spawn point) and they no longer start hunting their previous target again (even if far away) once they are done homing.
  • It’s no longer possible to gain crafting mastery in the tutorial island.

Balance changes aplenty!

Take a seat and get ready for a plethora of balance changes!

    • Acid / Burning / Chilling / Shocking Arrows (Rework)
    • Burning / Chilling / Crystalline / Shocking Touch (Rework)

These abilities are no longer Toggles. They’re now Ready on Attack, like Bleeding Strike. This means their activation is immediate and costs no mana. Unlike all other Ready on Attack spells in the game, they have 0 cooldown, meaning they will trigger on each attack. They do however cost a moderate amount mana each time they trigger, like Concussive Strike.

    • Acid Breath (Buff)

Gathering Time has been decreased from 0.5 down to 0
Mana Cost per second has been reduced from 50 down to 0

    • Acid Shell (Buff)

Damage increase from INT*12 to INT*16
Mana Cost decreased from 450 down to 350
Cooldown decreased from 20 down to 15

    • Battle Jump (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 0.2 down to 0

    • Barrage / Bone Barrage (Change)

Crippled duration is now reduced by Fortitude instead of Evasion.

    • Cloak of Flames / Frost / Lightning (Buff)

Mana Cost (Activation) increased from 200 to 400
Mana Cost per second decreased from 40 down to 20

    • Cobweb (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 1 down to 0.5

    • Concussive Strike (Nerf)

Damage Bonus decreased from STR*8 down to STR*6.

    • Cure Wounds (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 0.5 down to 0.2

    • Deep Freeze (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 0.2 down to 0

    • Empower (Nerf)

Gathering Time increased from 0.2 up to 0.5
Damage Increase reduced from INT*2 down to INT*1.5
Memory Cost increased from 1 up to 2
Mana Cost increased from 200 to 300

    • Energy Blast (Buff)

Damage increase from INT*10 / INT*32 up to INT*10 / INT*40
Mana Cost per second decreased from 50 down to 0

    • Entangling Web (Nerf)

Snare duration is now reduced by Evasion.

    • Explosion (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*16 up to INT*24
Gathering Time decreased from 0.5 down to 0.2
Warm stacks decreased from 40 down to 30

    • Fan of Flames (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*12 up to INT*15

    • Fireball (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*15 up to INT*20
Mana Cost decreased from 450 down to 350
Cooldown decreased from 20 down to 15

    • Frenzy (Nerf)

Bonus decreased from CON*1.5 down to CON
Can now be used with Melee weapons only

    • Frost Blast (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*8 up to INT*12

    • Frost Nova (Buff)

Mana Cost decreased from 450 down to 300

    • Healing Wave (Buff)

Undead Damage increased from INT*10 up to INT*30

    • Icebound Blast (Buff)

Mana Cost decreased from 500 down to 300

    • Lightning Strike (Buff)

Cooldown decreased from 25 down to 20
Mana Cost decreased from 500 down to 400

    • Nimbleness (Buff)

Move Speed Bonus increased from 5% up to 10%

    • Mage Armor (Buff)

Mana Cost (Activation) increased from 200 up to 400
Mana Cost per second decreased from 10 down to 0

    • Mass Cure Wounds (Buff)

Undead Damage increased from INT*6 up to INT*18

    • Mind Strike (Buff)

Damage increased from CHA*8 up to CHA*12
Gathering Time decreased from 0.5 down to 0.2

    • Permafrost (Buff)

Mana Cost decreased from 450 down to 400

    • Pierce Magic (Buff)

Mana Cost decreased from 500 down to 300

    • Powershot (Nerf)

Cripple duration is now reduced by Fortitude.

    • Relocate (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 0.2 down to 0

    • Second Wind (Nerf)

No longer removes all Physical Debuffs.

    • Shadow Dash (Buff)

Gathering Time decreased from 0.2 down to 0

    • Shimmering Sphere (Buff)

Damage increased from CHA*6 up to CHA*12

    • Shivers (Buff)

Mana Cost decreased from 250 down to 200

    • Shocking Lash (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*6 up to INT*8

    • Static Discharge (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*10 / INT*30 up to INT*12 / INT*48
Mana Cost per second decreased from 50 down to 0
Memory Cost decreased from 3 down to 2

    • Totem of Decay / Thunders / Wildfire / Winter

Mana Cost decreased from 500 down to 400

    • Thunderbolt (Buff)

Damage increased from INT*8 up to INT*10

Bug fixes

  • Mounting on a horse, looting a corpse/chest and executing a character now reveal the player if hidden.
  • Strike Wounds used on bows now triggers also when not paired with an Enchanted Arrow (e.g. Fire Arrows) spell.
  • The color applied to Chilled / Warm characters no longer “blinks” every time the character attacks.
  • Characters no longer rotate when jumping holding down the left mouse button.
  • Increasing Max Health no longer automatically heals the character for the same amount. It still does when the spell Empower is used or the ability of the Cleric set triggers, but it no longer does when a piece of equipment with +Health is equipped.
  • The player is no longer healed when the effect of Empower ends.
  • The Political Atlas menu now only shows LAUNCH CONQUEST when opened via the Guild menu, since Guilds can only launch conquests on Hamlets – no raids or nation join proposals.
  • Fixed a bug that would make a city that successfully defended itself from a raid receive a “defeat” instead.
  • Cities that lose a rank now correctly lose 2 research points and the last 2 researches selected (chronologically), instead of ending up in an inconsistent state.
  • Fixed a bug that would make players unable to abandon land claims outside of city areas if the city that controlled the region had decayed and was re-claimed.

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