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Open Playtest Extension & Rollback Gifts

May 30th, 2020 at 12:34 pm

After Friday’s downtimes, here come 2 additional days of Open Playtest and 1,000 Dynamight Tokens to all players affected!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The May Open Playtest has been running for 2 days now, and we hope you’re having as much fun playing as we do… watching you play 🙂

Performance-wise, the first day of stress-testing has been remarkably smooth, even at peak times. The second one, sadly not so much!

On Friday, we had two periods of time (of about 30m each) during which logging into the world wasn’t possible. That wasn’t so bad. Way worse have been the 2 server issues that forced us to do a restart and a rollback of player characters, once yesterday and once this morning.

None of the issues we experienced on Friday were related to server load, which was much higher on Thursday. Both should also be resolved now.

We’ll explain more about these issues in the stress test review. Now, let’s give you some compensation for them!

Playtest Extension

To make up for the lost time, we’ve decided to extend the playtest for 2 days! This means the May Open Playtest is going to close in the morning of Wednesday, June 3 – at 10am CEST (2am EDT) to be exact.

This will give you more time to build your characters, your homes, have some militia PvP, and will surely make the Play Free, Win A Key contests more meaningful!

Rollback Gifts

Even though this is a short open playtest with a focus on stress-testing, we understand some of you are annoyed by the loss of character progression that took place yesterday afternoon and this morning.

Sadly we can’t give you back those precious Knowledge Points, abilities and items. Instead we’ve just given everyone who played the open playtest from its inception until this morning 1,000 Foundation Points and 1,000 Dynamight Tokens.

See you all in game!


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