May 2020 Open Playtest - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


May 2020 Open Playtest

May 12th, 2020 at 6:21 pm

FREE access to Fractured is happening once again! Come stress-test the game from May 28 with no pledge, or May 26 if you’re a backer!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

To celebrate the easing of the covid-19 restrictions in Italy and most of the EU, we’ve decided to… give you another reason to stay home in front of your computer! Yay!

The reason is, of course, playing Fractured… for free!

May Open Playtest

Yes, another open playtest is starting this month!

The last one in February saw over 15,000 users stress-testing the game and hundreds of characters logged in together at peak times. This time we want to hit even higher numbers!

Once again, we’ve decided to split the test in two phases to spread the influx of new players over a longer period of time: for the first 2 days only backers are allowed to play, then it’s free for everyone.

Here’s the exact schedule of the playtest:

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2pm CEST (8am EDT): access is granted to all backers, disregarding the type of pledge pack / founder pack.
  • Thursday, May 28, 2pm CEST (8am EDT): access is granted to all registered users – no pledge needed!
  • Monday, June 1, 10am CEST (2am EDT): the open playtest is over.

What’s New

If the last time you played was our February Open Weekend, all that’s been released in Alpha 2 – Test 2 will be a first for you. That’s a lot of stuff, so I warmly suggest you click the link for the details!

If instead you’ve played during A2-T2, the following QOL additions will likely be much welcome news:

  • Item stack splitting (holding CTRL when releasing a stack);
  • Crafting multiple items (instead of 1 at a time);
  • Faster movement speed on paved roads;
  • Protection from monster attacks and damage after being knocked down;

Additionally, proper death is finally live, which means that a character dying now leaves behind a corpse containing all its equipment and inventory. These items can be recovered by the owner or by its fellow guild/party members, but might also get looted by the members of other militias…

…wait, what? Militias?

Player Militias

Player militias are a surprise addition meant to spice up PvP on Syndesia while waiting for the criminal system to be implemented. This is how the system works in bullet points:

  • Any time while in town, a player can choose to have his/her character join (or leave) one of the four predefined NPC militias. The choice is character-based, not account-based.
  • If a character is part of a militia, it can freely attack and loot the members of other militias. This is possible only when outside of towns and starting areas.
  • A militia can be quit at any time. However, joining one triggers a 3-day waiting period before being allowed to join a new one.
  • Members of a guild can’t join or leave militias. If a guild master joins/leaves a militia, the whole guild joins/leaves that militia too.

Militias aren’t a temporary amusement. Once the criminal system is implemented, being part of a militia will allow players to fight against other militia members, bypassing alignment and karma rules.

Moreover, each player city will be able to run its own militia. City militias will be odds with the four NPC ones and those of other towns, aside from allied ones!

That’s all. I hope the news of this open playtest is as exciting for you as it is for us!

On a side note, we’ve considered sneaking player cities into this playtest, but ultimately decided against it since there’s isn’t enough related content yet. You’ll find city areas and town hall ruins in the world, but won’t be able to claim them.

Alpha 2 – Test 3 is coming in June though, so if you’re a backer with Alpha access, you’ll be able to start or join a city soon!

See you all in game!


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