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First Fractured Gameplay Video Released

April 20th, 2018 at 10:36 am

Watch 15 minutes of Fractured pre-alpha gameplay, featuring exploration, action combat, and plenty of insights on game features!

If you’ve been part of the Fractured community for a while, we know you’ve been waiting for this. If you’re new around here, what better introduction could we provide?

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the first Fractured gameplay video has been finally released!

The footage includes 15 minutes of cuts from half an hour of pre-alpha gameplay, featuring the exploration of a 1 sq. km, procedurally-generated map, showcasing our beloved ARPG combat and the overall art direction of the game.

Adding to the above, we’ve thrown in some commentary with insights on core features such as character and world building. Moreover, we’re delving into “cool technical stuff” like procedural map generation and the inner workings of the SpatialOS engine.

Since we’ve hinted to it on our forums but never released an official statement about it, you should know that in March we’ve managed to raise over $100,000 from a group of private investors (and overall cool guys) to fund the development of Fractured. The operation was configured as a seed investment in Dynamight Studios – it’s not a publishing deal and it leaves us total control over the development of the game!

On top of the above, it is now official that the long-planned Kickstarter campaign for the game is going to start in June 2018!

Community Matters

At last, let’s add some more good news. The Fractured community is now 10,000 members strong!

Back in November, our community members came from 100 different countries, with the TOP 10 being claimed by the United States, Brazil, Vietnam, Russia, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Canada, France and Ukraine.

Today, we have accounts registered from 113 different countries, while the TOP 10 is once more a little different: the United States keep the lead, followed by Brazil, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Canada and Poland.

If you’ve signed up, you have a chance to win a pre-alpha key by being an active part of the Fractured community. It doesn’t matter how old your account is – the quality of your contributions does! 😉 Also, we’ll be hosting livestream Q&A sessions before the Kickstarter campaign – so stay tuned!

See you soon and, as always, don’t forget to let us hear your voice on our community boards and social media!


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