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Alpha 2 – Test 3 Surveys

August 30th, 2020 at 8:10 pm

The G.Round and the Alpha 2 – Test 3 feedback surveys are ready. Fill them, earn Foundation Points, and let your voice be heard!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Alpha 2 – Test 3 has ended a couple weeks ago, and the roadmap to the next test is already out.

Before we drop new Alpha 2 – Test 4 preview footage, we’d like to gather your feedback on the latest test and the state of the game as a whole.

Read on and let your voice be heard!

G.Round Reviews

Our partnership with G.Round has been successful, having brought over 2,000 players into Alpha 2 – Test 3. While feedback on our forums and Discord has been abundant, only a few reviews have been uploaded on the G.Round platform so far.

To fill the gap, we’d like to invite all of you who played through G.Round and haven’t left a review yet to do so clicking here. Unlike our own surveys, G.Round’s review system is broad in scope, covering topics such as overall gameplay, art style, difficulty, etc.

The reviews will help G.Round evaluate Fractured for a possible investment. Moreover, all results will be forwarded to us – and feedback’s always precious, so… thank you twice!

Alpha 2 – Test 3 Survey

For the first time ever, we’ve decided to release a feedback survey after a regular testing phase. Here it is!

Like all our surveys, this one is largely focused on the features that were implemented in the last test. Moreover, it contains a question on optional features that could be added to Alpha 2 – Test 4 on top of what’s planned.

Don’t miss your chance to influence our choice and earn 1,000 Foundation Points!

Stay tuned for the new Content Pills and Q&A announcements – coming really soon!

Enjoy Fractured!


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