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Play Fractured Free On G.Round

August 5th, 2020 at 3:26 pm

Dynamight has partnered with G.Round: get a free game key and join Alpha 2 – Test 3 from August 6 until the end of the playtest!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

We are now 2 weeks into Alpha 2 – Test 3 – time flies! In spite of its rocky start, this playtest has been the most successful so far, both in terms of sales and game metrics. Since game content is still limited, however, servers have become a little empty at this point. This means it’s time to spice things up: enter G.Round!

G.Round is an exclusive community-driven platform affiliate with Global Top Round, an investment firm that funds game startups. Starting from Thursday, August 6, it will provide all its users with a key to play Fractured until the end of Alpha 2 – Test 3.

…and yes, you can be a G.Round user too – it’s free! Just sign up here, login, and once the event starts tomorrow (or this evening, if you’re EU/US based), you’ll be able to get a game key from our game page. The key can then be activated on your Fractured account page.

G.Round will ask nothing from you but to fill a feedback survey and/or leave a review of Fractured once you’ve tested the game. That’s all feedback that will be made available to us, so it matters a lot. Plus, it will give Fractured a chance to be considered for investment by Global Top Round!


Alpha Trailer Released

Goodbye old Kickstarter presentation, haunting our home page since 2018. It took us (way too) long, but the first official Alpha Trailer is finally here!

PvE, character progression, crafting and city building – all finally on display!

You might notice PvP is missing – that’s because the state of PvP in the game isn’t great and its most important features such as city sieges, raids and territory control aren’t implemented yet. Once they are, it will get its own dedicated trailer! 😉

Dev Q&A Livestream

During this playtest, we’ve caught the attention of a great content creator – the sandbox MMO veteran Morrolan. He has a lot of questions to ask, and the CEO of Dynamight Studios will be glad to answer them all – live!

The new Q&A will take place on Morrolan’s Twitch channel today (August 5) at 9pm CEST (3pm EDT).

We know the announcement is coming very late, but worry not – even if you miss the livestream, you’ll be able to watch it later on Morrolan’s YouTube channel!

That’s it – lots of big news today!

See you all in game!


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