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Alpha Weekend starts today!

February 3rd, 2022 at 10:26 am

Jump into the testing action with a dedicated FAQ.


Hello Adventurers,

Fractured Online’s Alpha weekend is here, from February 4, 2022, 4:00pm CET / 3:00pm UTC until February 6, 2022, 10:00pm CET / 9:00pm UTC. We have prepared a dedicated FAQ to answer most of your burning questions!

What’s the reason for this test?

Fractured Online’s backend engine received an upgrade and we need players to stress test the new limitations. We ask of you, the player, to push those limitations and beyond.

Where can I report bugs and other issues?

Bugs and issues can be reported in this Forum post or in the Alpha-weekend-feedback channel on Discord.
We ask users to always report exploits to the Community Managers via private messages, exploit reports on public channels will be removed without warning.

Will I have to start with a fresh character or is my progress saved from previous Alphas?

All previous character progression from previous tests has been erased.

Will my progress from this Alpha be saved for the next testing phase?

No, all your character progress will be wiped and will not be available during the next testing phase.

Will Fractured Online be accessible through Glyph for this Alpha test?

Fractured Online will be accessible through Dynamight’s launcher for this testing phase.

Will we get all items and skills unlocked for the purpose of this test?

For the purpose of this test, no items or skills will be granted to players.

How do we claim the Shaper of Syndesia title?

To become eligible for the Shaper of Syndesia title, simply log in and play for at least two hours, the title will be awarded to all eligible users at a later date.

Are races other than humans going to be available for this Alpha?

No, Wildfolk and Demons will not be available for the Alpha Weekend

Is Beta going to start right after this Alpha weekend?

There’s currently no confirmed date for the Beta Testing phase.

I didn’t sign up in time, how can I get access to the Alpha Weekend?

If you didn’t register before Jan 28, 2022, you can purchase any founder pack from our website to gain access to the Alpha Weekend.


Any questions you feel went unanswered?
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See you in-game!
Your Fractured Online team.


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