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The Data Transfer Is Here!

May 25th, 2023 at 8:52 am

Find out how to transfer data on the purchases you did on Glyph and get back access to your Fractured Online account!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Our old website is fully functional again, and the data migration from gamigo to Dynamight Studios is live on!

The migration is necessary if you:

  • Purchased the game on Glyph or on Steam.
  • Created an account on and ported it to Glyph in the migration that took place in spring 2022.

You don’t have to migrate if you never played Fractured Online on Glyph – just login on this website as you used to!

Please note that the Bronze/Silver/Gold/Platinum founder packs offered by gamigo no longer exist. If you purchased one of those, you will be credited the equivalent that can be purchased on our store now (Adept/Master/Legend/Champion). As shown in the list below, our Founder Packs offer a lot more value, so we are sure you won’t mind the conversion! 😉

  • Bronze => Adept
    • VIP months: 1 => 1
    • Dynamight Tokens: 500 => 2000
  • Silver => Master
    • VIP months: 2 => 2
    • Dynamight Tokens: 2000 => 5000
  • Gold => Legend
    • VIP months: 3 => 3
    • Dynamight Tokens: 4000 => 10000
  • Platinum => Champion
    • VIP months: 6 => 12
    • Dynamight Tokens: 10000 => 20000

The transfer process is really streamlined and self-explanatory, but we have included some FAQ below. Please read them if you encounter any issue before reaching out to us on Discord or to!


What data are being transferred exactly?

Only the data regarding your purchases, e.g. “User X owns the Bronze Founder Pack”. Nothing else. No email, no passwords, no IP addresses, no payment info. That is why the data transfer page asks you to set a new email and password.

What about my in-game data, like my character?

We have performed a full server wipe, so there are no game characters or any other data from the game worlds to be transferred.

How do I verify that my purchases have been credited correctly after migrating?

Check out your account menu.

I bought the game on Steam. Do I get access?

Yes you do! The first time you launched the game vis Steam, you were asked to connect your Steam account to a Glyph account. You just need to retreive your migration token in that Glyph account, as explained in the transfer page.

I can’t login into my Glyph account to get the token. What do I do?

If you don’t remember the credentials of your Glyph account or have troubles logging in, you need to reach out to the gamigo customer support. There’s nothing Dynamight Studios can do about this.

If the issue is just about the Glyph 2FA (e.g. you don’t receive the login confirmation email), wait a bit or request it again later before reaching out to the gamigo customer support.

I received the game as a gift from gamigo, do I still have access?

No, you need to purchase the game on our store (as soon as it reopens) or on Steam (as soon as we’re back there).

When can I play again?

Very soon! We’re going to announce the exact date in the coming days.

How will I be able to launch the game?

A new installer will be made available for download on this page.

If you ever played via Glyph, you can uninstall Fractured Online from your Glyph client, or uninstall Glyph entirely. If you still have the old pre-gamigo standalone launcher installed (the one simply called “Fractured”), you can uninstall that one as well.

This is all for today. I hope you are as excited as we are to see Fractured Online back! 🙂



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