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Server War Event & Test Review

July 11th, 2023 at 3:20 pm

Get straight to the end-game in the first Server War event. 12 days of PvE and PvP madness are coming, starting on July 19!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Today we have double news for you: a review of our previous “relaunch pretest“, and the announcement of the next one!

Read on to find out more!

First Server War

Give a warm welcome to a unique event, the very first of its kind!

The Server War is a time-limited testing phase in which new characters are thrown directly into the end-game, with free progression and items. Its purpose is to get feedback on the balancing of end-game combat before the full game relaunch, with a special focus on PvP, including city warfare.

The event is starting on Wednesday, July 19, at 2pm UTC! It will end on Sunday night, July 30, which means it will run for 12 full days! Access it granted to all owners of an Adept founder pack or higher, which can be purchased in the store.

Given the type of event, it is needless to say that world and characters alike are going to be wiped after it is over.

Special Rules

Here’s the list of special rules that apply for this unique event:

  • There’s only one continent available – Aerhen. Even Wildfolk characters go there after the Tutorial Island.
  • Wildfolk’s primal energy regenerates by itself and they can become evil.
  • All characters start at rank 50 (the highest possible, giving 60/60 talent points) with all spell schools at level 10/10 and all spells unlocked.
  • Character attribute respecs are unlimited.
  • The cost to claim a land parcel outside of a city is 1,000 gold instead of 4,000.
  • The cost to claim a city is 10,000 gold instead of 100,000 and requires 10 settlers instead of 20.
  • Launching a raid or a conquest against another city is free and has a 1-day preparation time.
  • An admin command is given to all characters to add pieces of equipment and consumables to their inventory.


The event will also give participants the chance to preview some new features, including:

  • The first iteration of Alchemy. Get ready to play around with the Alchemical Distillery and the Aspect Extractor!
  • 4 new Acid spells to make the Vitriomancer a thing!
  • Can’t get Proficiency Orbs yet? Imbue your equipment to raise your school levels!

…plus lots of bug fixes, of course!


Several contests will be run during the event by our GMs, including 1v1 and group vs group PvP tournaments!

Moreover, there are going to be unique rewards for:

  • Players with highest PvP ELO
  • Players with highest Legend Score
  • Guilds with highest Season Score

…at the end of the test, of course! More details to come!

Relaunch Pretest Review

Here comes a quick review of our last test. As the game had been offline for a while and underwent a radical changes to its backend, technical issues were expected, and indeed we got some.

Let’s review the whole thing in brief!


Right at launch, players faced login issues. We figured out those were related to CPU architecture (strange but true) and migrated our dedicated servers to different models the day after, which fixed the problem.

After that, we moved on with further optimizations related to monsters in preparation for the Free Play event. Servers behaved very well there, but sadly we didn’t reach the critical mass we hoped for, so more testing of this kind will be needed.


The feedback we received on new mechanics, such as the overhaul to the progression system and crafting, was largely positive. Details on these new features and changes had been laid out in brief in this post. Testers have also pointed out better latency stats outside of the US and that the game overall feels “smoother” than before and more polished thanks to new animations, tooltips, vfx, etc.

Some pain points of course are still around, such as the use of recipes in crafting and the overall lack of end-game PvE and PvP events. Big news are coming in this regard however, so stay tuned!

That’s all for today. Let’s get ready for the SERVER WAR!


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