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Pledge Packs Are Going… With A Sale!

June 11th, 2019 at 12:55 pm

Kickstarter replica packs are being phased out! Seize your last chance to grab one (discounted) and get Alpha 1 access!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

All good things must come to an end… and so do the Kickstarter-replica Pledge Packs currently available in the Fractured Store.

You’ve asked this question frequently, now the answer is official: pledge packs are going to be removed from the store at the end of the next Alpha test. This means they’re going to be available for approximately 1 month longer (mid July), then they’ll be gone for good!

Why removing them now? Here’s a couple reasons:

  • They’re meant to be exclusive for early supporters of the project. Having them last for almost 1 year after Kickstarter was already much longer than originally planned.
  • Most of the Limited packs have been sold.
  • Alpha 1 is ending with the next test (more on this later)!

What Comes After?

After pledge packs are phased out, two things are going to happen:

  • We’ll release 3 new basic packs that grant access to Beta 2, Beta 1 and Alpha 2 respectively.
  • We’ll create a new store section where various rewards (and perhaps merchandise!) can be purchased singularly.

The cost of access will stay the same (€25 for Beta 2, €50 for Beta 1, €90 for Alpha 2), but the new packs will be less value-oriented. They’ll contain some rewards on top of game access, but won’t include amounts of Dynamight Gold and VIP time as crazy as today’s pledge packs.

Going… With A Sale!

To celebrate this big change, we’ve decided to apply a discount to current pledge packs. Say hi to the Crowdfunding End Sale!

The sale means the next 30 days are not only your last chance to get Kickstarter replica pledges – they’re also an occasion to get them cheaper!

Creating a promotion for pledge packs structured like ours is not so straightforward, so let’s clarify things a bit:

  • All pledges featuring an Early Bird option used to have many Early Bird units still available. The new discounted prices for those pledges are the same as the Early Bird prices.
  • If you upgrade your pledge to a higher one, you pay the difference between the price of the new pledge and what you paid for your pledge. To exemplify: if you have a Proprietor pack you paid €135 for, you can upgrade to Knight spending only €15 (€150 – €135), even if the Proprietor pack is now cheaper!

End Of Alpha 1

According to our roadmap, Alpha 1 was meant to cover the first half of 2019 and include more than 2 tests. Since we are a bit behind schedule, we’ve decided to cut the number of full-fledged tests down to 2 to stick to the timeline, and have Alpha 2 start in September as planned.

To compensate for the missing “long” tests, we’re going to run one or more testing weekends in July and August whenever we have a new build with significant changes available. We can already anticipate today what the largest new feature to test is going to be: the Knowledge System!

Please note: the weekend tests will be part of Alpha 1, so they’ll be open only to owners of a Knight pledge or higher.

Website Changes

Since we were already changing the store, we took the chance to refine other portions of the website:

  • We’ve improved the layout of the media section and uploaded all the missing screenshots and videos. It was tremendously outdated!
  • There are now 2 categories under the News sections, one for feature spotlights and one for development updates.

Plus, we’ve applied minor touches here and there to make information on the game more accessible.

Stretch Goals

Rejoice: the last of the Kickstarter stretch goals, Animal Taming, has been reached within the end of Alpha 1!

As mentioned in the page, we’re not planning to add new stretch goals for the time being. We know they are exciting, but Fractured is already an ambitious project and we need to focus our resources on the development of the core of the game.

Is it always going to be this way? Not necessarily: if we manage to collect an exceptional amount of funding in the future, we’ll consider adding new ones!


1. Will access to July/August test weekends be purchasable once current packs are gone?

No. Those tests are part of Alpha 1. Once current packs are gone, there will be no way of getting access to what’s left of Alpha 1.

2. Are current rewards exclusive to current pledges?

Most of them, such as titles, skins, pets and the lifetime VIP status are exclusive, yes. They won’t be obtainable in the future!

Some more generic rewards, such as the “mule mount and wagon” or guild / character name reservation, will be available in the new store too.

3. I have one of the current pledges. If future packs will feature new cosmetic rewards, will I get those too?

Yes! If a future access pack has new cosmetic rewards and you have bought one of the current pledges of equal or higher value, you’ll get the new cosmetic rewards too!

4. Can current pledges be upgraded when new packs are released?

Yes. Let’s say you have a Founder pack (€50). If in the future you’ll want to upgrade to the new €90 option, you’ll be able to do so for €40. It just won’t be as good as the current €90 option 😉

5. No chance for permanent VIP after?

I know many of you are going to ask since we’ve received this question often already, so let’s repeat: Lifetime VIP is an exclusive of the Immortal pack or higher. It won’t be available in the new store!


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