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Open Alpha 2 Weekend & Test Extension

December 4th, 2019 at 3:54 pm

Want to try out Fractured but got no game access? Play FOR FREE during this weekend’s stress test!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

We hinted to it before Alpha 2 started, but didn’t have enough time to actually make it happen. We haven’t forgotten about it though, so here it comes: the Open Alpha 2 Weekend is bringing 3 days of free access to Fractured for everyone!

The unique event is starting on Friday, December 6, at 4pm CET (10am ET) and ending on Monday, December 9, at 12pm CET (6am ET).

How to be part of it? It’s easier done than said: just register a Fractured account (if you haven’t already), download the game client and wait for the doors of Myr to be opened!

Why This?

A stress test is a crucial step in the development of an MMO. More in detail, the Open Alpha 2 Weekend will allow us to assess the performance of the following systems under heavy load:

  • Client patcher – will download be as fast as it is now?
  • Login server – will there be queues?
  • Server workers  – will the processes that simulate the world server-side be able to handle a lot of concurrent users?
  • Game world – will the map get too busy or will it become too hard to find a free plot of land?

Before the weekend, all plots of land will be freed and wiped – a sad but necessary move for the accuracy of the test.

Leaving the page to rejoice already? Hold on, we’re not done yet!

Alpha 2 – Test 1 Extension

In its announcement, we stated that Alpha 2 was set to last for two weeks. Since it started on November 20, it should be over today, right?

Wrong! 😉

Due to the stress test, we’ve decided to let everyone who has access to Alpha 2 play until Monday, December 16, at 12pm CET (6am ET). That’s a whole week after the end of the Open Test Weekend! A week to play for everyone who’s arrived late to the party, and a week for us to fix more bugs and introduce other QOL improvements.

Excited? Spread the word – and see you soon in game!


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