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New Alpha Price & Founder Pack Sale

September 17th, 2020 at 1:33 pm

The cost of Alpha has been reduced and all Founder Packs are ON SALE for a limited time! Get permanent access today for €44.99!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Today we have some game-changing news for you – and that’s not an overstatement!

We are at a pivotal point in the development of Fractured, in which we’re able to welcome way more players in the game than we used to thanks to player cities. We’ve estimated that our current continent, Myr, can be the home of at least 5,000 players, and could host up to 10,000 if needed.

Well, let’s make the 10,000 happen!

Alpha Cost Reduced

According to the development roadmap we posted 2 years ago during our Kickstarter campaign, the first Alpha test of Fractured was meant to launch in December 2018, 6 months after the end of the campaign, with the whole Alpha development cycle lasting for 1 year.

While Alpha 1 – Test 1 launched (almost) on time and several testing phases have followed, the summer of 2020 is over and we still aren’t ready to call Fractured a “Beta”. Beta is a word that carries the expectation of a game that’s feature-complete, with only content to add and bugs to fix. That’s a state we are confident we’ll reach in 2021 (Q2 possibly, not guaranteed) – but we should have been there already according to our public Kickstarter estimates.

So, in order to keep our word, here comes the big update: the price of Alpha access has been lowered from €90 to €50!

Yes – you can play Fractured now & forever with the just the Master pack from our store! Needless to say, the old €50 Kickstarter “Founder” and €75 “Artisan” pledges have been granted Alpha access as well 🙂

Please note: the only change here is that the Master pack now gives Alpha access, so you can play for €50. The price of founder packs hasn’t changed, and neither have their rewards (tokens, VIP time, etc)!

…well, actually, prices have changed a little – but just temporarily. Please give a warm welcome to the…

Great City Sale

To celebrate the introduction of player cities, we’ve decided to apply a 10%-15% discount to our founder packs! Hurrah!

This time-limited offer, labeled Great City Sale, means you can actually buy Alpha access for €44.99 only. Moreover, all the options above are now cheaper too, including the Eternal package with its lifetime VIP status.

The Great City Sale is going to last until the start of the Fall Alpha, planned for the second half of October – so don’t miss your chance!

Now, wait a minute. “Fall Alpha”?

Test Renaming

A1-T2? A2-T3?! A3-T2?!?!

Goodbye weird numbering and enigmatic acronyms! From now on, Alpha testing phases are going to be named after the season in which they’re taking place. Alpha 2 – Test 4 has thus been renamed to Fall 2020 Alpha. The roadmap post has been updated accordingly.

The “Beta 1” and “Beta 2” development cycles have also been collapsed into one – just “Beta”. Access to Beta can be obtained purchasing the Adept pack for €25.

Reddit AMA

New to the world of Fractured? The cool guys of r/mmorpg have reached out to us to plan an AMA for Fractured – and we were glad to accept!

The r/mmorpg subreddit boasts a large community of dedicated MMO fans and the CEO of Dynamight will be replying to their questions for 2 hours from Wednesday, September 23, at 7pm CEST.

Check out the official announcement and see you there!

That’s all for today, but keep an eye on our blog, social media pages and newsletter. We have a tight schedule from here to the Fall Alpha – the big announcements have just begun!


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