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Kickstarter Is Over! What’s Next?

July 26th, 2018 at 4:21 pm

Our Kickstarter campaign has been successfully completed, overfunding to over $130.000. Find out what’s coming next for Fractured!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Our Kickstarter campaign is over, and it’s been a success. It started with a massive wave of pledges on day 1 and ended with an equally awesome push in the last 2 days. Eventually, we’ve hit the goal, and even got over 10% overfunded.

Even better than the pledges collected, there’s the fact you were always there to sustain us with your enthusiasm, passion and insightful feedback. I know it’s a very predictable thing to say, but we would have gone nowhere without you.

Thank you once again, and let’s see what comes next!

Pledge Integration

For us to be able to deliver your rewards, we first need to integrate pledges with Fractured accounts. Here’s how it’s going to happen.

First, all backers must have a Fractured account. It’s very likely most of you do so already – if not, just hit the Register button in the navbar or click here.

Then, we have to wait for 14 days from the end of the campaign. That’s the time it takes Kickstarter to finalize the collection of pledges. Once that is done, we’ll send out a so-called “Kickstarter survey” to all of you backers, asking for the email address you’ve used to register your Fractured account. You’re going to receive an email notification from Kickstarter when the survey has been sent. That’s likely going to happen around August 8-10.

That’s it. Once most backers have filled the survey, we’re going to integrate your pledge in your Fractured account! That’s likely going to happen around August 13-15.

The Fractured Store

Yes, we know. Many of you didn’t manage to pledge because you don’t have a Mastercard/Visa card. Some of you want to upgrade your pledge. Some others just came late to the party and would like to back us now.

Whatever your reason, we have the answer – the Fractured Store, where you’ll be able to buy all the pledge packs featured on Kickstarter (minus the ones sold out). Purchases will be handled by a gateway with over 700 payment methods available. You’ll definitely find the one that suits your needs!

As of today, we’re waiting for Dynamight to be cleared by the company managing payments. Once the bureaucratic stuff is done, we’ll release the store, coupled with a small website update. That should be in a few days hopefully!

Regarding Early Bird packs, we’ve been contacted by many of you who didn’t manage to pledge for technical reasons, and feel left out on the good deals. We are considering releasing some Early Bird packs on the store, in a much more limited quantity than on Kickstarter. Still have to make up our minds on if/how exactly.

Alpha 1 – Test 1

The first testing phase for backers who pledged at Knight level or above is scheduled for December this year. It will be preceded by another phase known as the Pre-Alpha, dedicated to the most active users in the community, which is likely to start in October – although that’s just an estimate.

Alpha 1 – Test 1 will be focused on crafting and building, although other basic systems will be there as well, such as PvE/PvP combat and survival elements. We’ve spoken about the whole Alpha 1 cycle extensively when we released our roadmap, so check it out if you haven’t already!


GamesCom 2018 is approaching, and the Fractured CEO will be around for some business-y stuff. You’ll be there as well?

Check this thread out!

Vacation Time

Yes, that happens sometimes for game devs as well. In Italy in particular, we have a thing for going on vacation all together in August to make sure we get the best traffic jams, insanely expensive flight tickets, and fully booked hotels. Clever, eh?

Therefore, in the upcoming first 2 weeks of August, the Dynamight office will be pretty much empty, and we’ll likely be quite silent when it comes to blog updates and forum / Discord activity. Worry not, we’ll be back with exciting updates soon after!

That’s it for today.

Enjoy Fractured!


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