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Get ready for Closed Beta!

March 18th, 2022 at 11:13 am

Glyph Migration starts soon!

We are thrilled to confirm that the Glyph user account migration is scheduled to launch next week – one of the last missing pieces on our road to allow you 24/7 access during Fractured Online’s Closed Beta!

The Glyph user account migration tool will make your migration a fast and smooth experience, giving you access to Fractured Online and other Glyph games in the future. A detailed guide and frequently asked questions will be available when the migration starts next week.

At the same time, we will update some of the website tech and content, including the store, forum, Foundation system and more. Most of the systems will continue to work as they do right now, all you need is your new Glyph account login, which you can create shortly. Unfortunately, we will need to pause the Foundation system for now. But rest assured, all progress you achieved already will be stored and goodies will be unlocked at a later point as planned.

Users who did not register an account or purchase any of the Founder Packs in the past, can simply register a new Glyph account and purchase one of the updated Founder’s Packs, granting 24/7 access to the Closed Beta at its launch. As for the Foundation system, nothing will change for existing users.

We will reveal more details early next week, so watch this space and make sure to follow our social media channels and join our Discord channel.


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