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Fall Playtest Open Weekend

October 11th, 2023 at 8:12 pm

Access to Fractured Online is FREE for all registered users for 3 days from October 13, and the Fall Playtest has been extended for 1 week! Joy for all!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

Let’s continue the Fall Playtest with a classic: the last free play event before we relaunch on Steam Early Access!

Starting on Friday, October 13, at 2pm UTC, game servers will be opened again to all registered users – no founder pack needed! The open weekend will be running until the night of Sunday, October 15. After that, access will be restricted to backers-only again.

Need to download the client? Click here!

Fall Playtest Extended

Wait – wasn’t the Fall Playtest meant to end for everyone on the 15th? Well, it seems the good news aren’t over yet: the Fall Playtest has been extended until Sunday, October 22!

The extension will give us more time to analyze player progression and get more bugs fixed. Launch on Steam Early Access will come very soon after – the official announcement is coming in a few days!

Why Free Play?

First of all, after multiple rounds of optimizations, we want to analyze again all the performance metrics to assess how our new backend behaves in a real heavy-load scenario.

Overall, we’ve been very happy with server performance during this test, and we’ve thus been able to focus on bug fixing, getting rid of 60+ issues in just a few days. It’s now time to get more critical player mass in the game to ensure everything is smooth once we are back on Steam!

Moreover, we want to give everyone the chance to playtest the game and decide whether they are interested in buying it once it’s back on Steam (or now, profiting from the 40% discount on access).

See you all soon in game!


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