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Fall Playtest & Final Relaunch Sale

September 25th, 2023 at 7:33 pm

Permanent access to Fractured Online is now €14.99 only – grab your Founder Pack and get into the game from September 28!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enhusiast!

As we prepare for the relaunch on Steam Early Access discussed in our last post, we’ve decided to have a last playtest with a wipe beforehand.

Here we go then: the Fall Playtest is starting on Thursday, September 28, at 2pm UTC, and will last until the night of Sunday, October 15!

This time we are back to running a longer test with characters starting from scratch, since we need players to experience the regular character progression of Fractured Online. More in detail, we would like to:

  • Receive feedback on the balancing of new characters coming from attribute changes and item rebalancing.
  • Receive feedback on the feeling of progression coming from the revamp of the Talent Tree and the introduction of Enchanting and Divine Rewards.

Let’s check all of this out in detail!

New Features

Most of the new features and changes that have been announced in the last post will be available in this test, namely:

  • Charisma has been replaced by Wisdom and is now also used by Abjuration, Restoration, Necromancy, Druidcraft, and part of Witchcraft. This includes side changes to the properties given by all the 6 attributes.
  • The Talent Tree is now complete, save for the nodes related to potions and foods. This also includes several side changes, such as Magic and Armor Penetration now existing as separate modifiers and deminishing returns having been implemented for them, Lower Mana Cost and Cooldown Reduction. The wiki is soon going to be updated with all the details.
  • Legends (world bosses) have been reworked and greatly expanded – only Ultimate Legends are missing.
  • Equipment Enchanting is back! Note that enchanting increases the base power of items (+1/2/3/4), and should not be confused with Imbuing, which adds properties to items.
  • Divine Rewards have replaced the individual drops of orbs and recipes.
  • Weapons, armors and spells have been heavily rebalanced.
  • The Tutorial Island and the NPC cities of Aerhen have been improved visually.

In brief: more build variety and a stronger feeling of progression. Waiting for your approval!

Final Relaunch Sale

To celebrate this huge upcoming milestone, we’ve decided to apply a discount to the Founder Packs available on the Fractured Store. Say hi to the Final Relaunch Sale!

The discounts range from a massive -40% for the Adept pack, to -20% for the 2 largest packs (which means a significant €60 saved on the Immortal pack!). So… yes, for only €14.99 you can get permanent access to Fractured Online now, during Beta and after release!

The sale will end right before our relaunch on Steam Early Access, which will see all founder packs go back to their original price (unless we decide to use the Steam launch discount feature, which anyway will be much smaller).

Please note that if you upgrade your pack to a higher one, you only pay the difference between the price of the new pack and what you actually paid for your current pack. To exemplify: if you have an Adept pack you paid €24.99 for, you can upgrade to Master spending only €10 (€34.99 – €24.99), even if the Adept pack is now cheaper!

We can’t wait to see you all in game again!


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