Fall Alpha Dev Update #1 - Fractured - The Dynamic MMO


Fall Alpha Dev Update #1

October 8th, 2020 at 1:42 pm

The first video update for the Fall Alpha is out – and so is the new Fractured Steam store page! Come check them out!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

The start of the Fall Alpha is getting close, and it’s time for us to show you the new features and content you’ll find in it!

Instead of releasing only a “new features trailer” at the start of the test, this time we’re covering everything in detail in a series of video updates. The first one is ready, check it out below and let us know what you think of it!

Steam Store Page

Yes, Fractured is going on Steam!

…but not any time soon 😉

While our store page is ready, the actual launch of the game on Steam is planned for a much later date – some time during Beta, most likely. Nonetheless, we invite you to follow the game and add the page to your wishlist today to help us get more visibility.

Thank you for your help!

City Selection

Governors, get ready: city selection for the Fall Alpha is coming!

Starting next Thursday, October 15, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT), you’ll be able to choose a city spot through the website on the world map page, and all registered users with access to the Fall Alpha will be able to join it – assuming they know the city password if you leave it password-protected.

The view will soon be updated to show the type of resource node connected to each city, so you’ll have plenty of time for planning.

We shall remind you that selecting a city doesn’t mean you’ve actually claimed it. You need to find at least 4 citizens to join it if it’s a small territory, or 19 citizens if it’s a large one.

City selection and joining will be closed a couple days before the start of the test. Only the cities that have reached the required number of citizens will be set as claimed, the others will be freed up for claiming in game during the test. Choose carefully then – don’t go for a large territory unless you know you have large community to support you!

Want to promote your city or find one to join? Check out the dedicated forum section and channels in our Discord server!

See you next week for the second video development update!

Enjoy Fractured!


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