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Fall Alpha 2021 Launch Day Revealed

September 17th, 2021 at 5:01 pm

The Fall Alpha is starting on Wednesday, September 22, with 40+ new abilities, 20+ new creatures, world events, an overhaul of attributes and equipment, and much more!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

We know you’ve been eagerly waiting to know the launch date of the Fall Alpha – unless you’ve already seen it on some MMO websites, that is, since we broke the news a few hours ago 😉 Well, anyway, here it is:

Wednesday, September 22, at 4pm CEST (10am EDT)!

As always, this new test is packed with new features and content, mostly (but not exclusively) related to PvE, such as:

  • 40+ new abilities
  • Dynamic world events
  • New points of interest
  • 20+ new monsters to defeat
  • Treasure chests and lockpicking
  • An overhaul of equipment and player attributes
  • Huge improvements to the marketplace
  • The addition of the mailbox
  • …and much more!

So… Are you ready to draw your swords once again? Check out these new lovely screenshots, then read on for more info!

Fall Alpha FAQ

1. Who has access to the Fall Alpha?

The test is open to all players who who have purchased (or will purchase) a Master pack or higher in the Fractured Store, or own an old Kickstarter pack of equal value.

2. I have access! How do I get my key?

You don’t need to redeem a key. Your account is automatically granted access to the game!

3. Are servers going to be up all the time?

Servers should be online most of the time, aside during patch deployment and unless major issues occur.

4. When is the test going to end?

On Wednesday, October 13. Yes, following widespread community feedback, we’ve decided to make the test shorter!

5. What happens after?

We close the servers, wipe the world and all characters, then start working towards the next test.

6. How do I download the game?

On this web page. The download link is available for all registered users who have access to the test.

7. Is Alpha covered by an NDA?

It’s not. You can stream, make videos, post screenshots, write articles, anything you like!

See you soon in game!


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