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End Year 2020 Open Playtest

December 25th, 2020 at 4:51 pm

Access to Fractured is FREE from Dec 30 to Jan 3 – and so is PvP! What’s better? You can win a KEY for the WINTER ALPHA!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

End year holidays have arrived. You could spend them with your family and your loved ones. You could spend them eating and enjoying some (socially-distanced and responsible) partying…

…or you could spend them playing Fractured, because on Wednesday, December 30, at 2pm CET (8am EST), game servers will be opened to all registered users for a new open playtest!

The playtest ends on Sunday night (Jan 3) and it’s a very unique one since:

  • Characters start with all existing abilities unlocked and all 60 talents points already earned.
  • Your bank contains a full set of armor of each type, plus all wooden and metal weapons. You can regenerate them any time by clicking a button!
  • Everyone can harvest resource nodes (they’re not connected to a city).

Why these changes? Because it’s all about testing PvP! The Criminal System will be live – only without the bounty hunting and jail systems. Plus, most existing abilities have been changed / rebalanced.

Other than stress-testing game servers, our aim here is to get as much feedback as possible on PvP balancing so we can have that in a good state by the start of the Winter Alpha!

And speaking of the Winter Alpha…

Play Free, Win A Key

Yes, you can get free access to the Winter Alpha (or even permanent game access) by playing during the End Year Open Playtest! To do so, you must be ranking high in one of 5 dedicated contests:

  • Highest PvP Ranking
  • Best Game Footage
  • Best/Most Creative Character Build
  • Most Knowledge Acquired
  • Coolest Land Parcel

This is how it works:

  • The winner of each contest gets a key that grants permanent access to the game, from here to full release and after!
  • The highest ranking competitors of each category get a key that grants access to the next test, the Winter Alpha!
  • Everyone who participated with a meaningful contribution gets 1,000 Foundation Points 😉

Let’s get to the details of each contest now!

Highest PvP Ranking

The upcoming playtest is all about PvP, so we can consider this as the most significant contest of all!

PvP ranking works as follows:

  • Each character has an ELO-based score. You gain it by killing other players and lose it by getting murdered, disregarding your alignment, the victim’s, or your militia affiliation.
  • Like all ELO-based systems, the larger the difference between your score and your victim/murderer’s is, the more you gain/lose. Killing an opponent with a score much lower than yours doesn’t make you gain any points.
  • The score is visible in a dedicated menu together with the choice of Alignment, your Karma, etc.

This content awards 2 permanent keys, one to the highest ranking player with positive karma and one to the best with negative karma!

Best Game Footage

The Open Playtest features a massive graphical upgrade. Would you like to be the one showing it to the world? If so, record some footage and post your videos in a new thread in this forum section including the words “video contest” in the title.

We only accept entries recorded at 60 FPS (or higher), 1920×1080 resolution (or higher, but always with a 16:9 ratio) and no filters (e.g. gamma filters).

Group PvE and PvP are our favorite subjects, but feel free to let your creativity flow!

Also, if you upload your footage on YouTube or elsewhere, make sure to keep the original files: some clips may be selected for a future game trailer – given you like the idea, of course 😉

Best Character Build

You’re given the abilities. You’re given the talents. You’re given the equipment. All you have to do is let your creativity flow!

If you want to take part in this contest, all you have to do is post your character build(s) in a new thread in this forum section. Details on the idea behind the build and how you’ve used it in actual combat are much appreciated.

Please mind we won’t be evaluating only the effectiveness of your build, but also how creative it is and your ideas on how it could evolve in the future! 🙂

Most Knowledge Acquired

Knowledge can’t be spent in this test, since you are already given all the abilities and talent points. It can be acquired, though!

The player who will manage to get the most knowledge by doing PvE, exploration and slaying Legends, will be rewarded with a permanent key. If more than one player gets to max out their knowledge, one of them will be drafted!

Coolest Land Parcel

Not fancy focusing on your character? Then make your land parcel the most beautiful of the realm, take some screenshots of it and post them in a new thread in this forum section. including the words “parcel contest” in the title.

That’s it, easy!

See you soon in game, and let the fight begin!


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