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Mega Update – Cheaper Packs, Pre-Alpha Keys & More

May 30th, 2018 at 9:51 am

Kickstarter packs: adjusted. VIP & Pre-Alpha keys: clarified. The Foundation: expanded. The community: booming! Come check it all out!

Hi, fellow gamer and MMO enthusiast!

It’s been barely over a week since we’ve submitted the pledge packs of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign to the evaluation of the Fractured community. Response has been plentiful and on point – so here we are today with some significant changes to the price and structure of the packs!

Other than that, we would like to provide you with some clarifications on our VIP membership, which has elicited a negative reaction from a few members of the community.

Last but not least, The Foundation now features 10 new reward tiers, and you’ll be glad to know that winning a pre-alpha key isn’t such a burdensome task – not even if you’re new to the community!

On a (not so) side note, we’ve been suggested by Kickstarter that starting a campaign the week before E3 is not a great idea – fair point. The launch has therefore been postponed to the end of June – exact date to be announced!

Pledge Packs Changes

First of all, we have adjusted the prices of mid/high level packs to make them more affordable, paying particular attention to the euro / dollar exchange rate. The new prices we’re proposing are as follows:

  • Proprietor: €135 (~$155)
  • Knight (early bird): €150 (~$175)
  • Knight: €200 (~$230)
  • Immortal (early bird – NEW!): €300 (~$350)
  • Immortal: €350 (~$405)
  • Governor: €450 (~$520)
  • Aristocrat: €850 (~$985)
  • Creator: €1500 (~$1740)
  • Legends Tier 1: €2500 (~$2900)
  • Legends Tier 2: €5000 (~$5800)

One of the most significant additions you’ve requested is the new Early Bird version of the Immortal pack – only 250 units available!

Other changes we’ve made:

  • We’ve decided Foundation Points will not be part of pledge pack rewards – community feedback has been very clear on this.
  • The number of free character slots is now 3 instead of 2.
  • “Reserve unique character name” reward added to the Patron pack.
  • “Reserve guild name” reward added to the Knight pack.
  • A Pet Companion can now be found in Pioneer and Artisan packs too.

And now it’s time for your feedback again!

  • Do you think prices are now a better fit for the value offered?
  • Did the price adjustments change your mind on what pack to buy?

Hit the DISCUSS button at the bottom of this post to let us know!

VIP Subscription

Here we are at the hot potato of the post – ouch!

As explained on the forums, VIP membership provides the following advantages:

  • Additional study slots
  • Increased Knowledge Points gains (from unlimited sources only)
  • Discounts on Store Items (which are cosmetic only)
  • Unique cosmetic rewards for accumulated VIP time
  • Other vanity rewards we might think of in the future

While cosmetic rewards have never been a contentious point, we’ve seen a few community members arguing that KP and slot bonuses are a form of “pay to win”. While getting a VIP membership could help you winning a hypothetical “let’s see who learns 100 abilities first” challenge with a friend of yours, it has no impact whatsoever on actual PvP competition, not between individuals nor between guilds.

Fractured characters are already competitive from day 1 – it’s part of what makes Fractured and its Knowledge System so unique. The core of progression afterwards consists of completing tasks requiring you to travel and perform a wide range of exploration– and experimentation-related activities. The VIP subscription has nothing to do with this, since it only impacts the passive “studying phase” that kicks in once the tasks have been completed and the ability inscribed on a book.

That being said, learning all the abilities in the game with a character is a meaningful objective only for a “completionist” – the kind of player who benefits the most from the KP and slots bonuses of the VIP subscription. If you want to play competitively, your aim is to learn the abilities that fit with the stat distribution of your character and have access to as many different resources as possible – the latter being crucial for competitive guilds too. The VIP subscription makes the former slightly faster and has no relation with the latter, therefore providing no real advantage in the competitive scene of Fractured.


  • If you care about vanity items, the VIP subscription offers a great value thanks to its unique rewards and discounts;
  • If you are a completionist, being VIP provides a nice boost, although it’s in no way necessary;
  • If you’re neither of the two, you can ignore it, whether you play competitively or not.

Pre-Alpha Key Clarifications

Pre-Alpha Key

Since we’ve introduced the chance to win a pre-alpha key through The Foundation, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding selection criteria and how many players will be accepted.

Our initial plan was to make the key a reward for reaching a specific level in The Foundation. However, we quickly realized that was not a smart move, since it would make it hard to control how many players get the key – and we’re not yet sure ourselves how many we need for the pre-alpha testing! Moreover, it could discourage new community members who might feel they have no chance to reach the target.

As a result, here’s a full clarification on the matter. The key will be awarded to:

  • Players who rank highest in The Foundation. We can’t tell how many exactly – let’s say if you are in the TOP 100, you can be quite sure it will be yours.
  • Players who have won one or more drawings, disregarding whether they are in the TOP X or not. The more you’ve won, the more likely it is, but even one is enough to have chance!
  • …and nope, you can’t win a key twice. If you’ve won one for being in the TOP X, you won’t get another one for being a drawing winner 😉

Hope this clarifies the matter once and for all, but if you have doubts, please let us know in the forum discussion for this update. Also, don’t forget the pre-alpha key only grants access to the pre-alpha. Permanent access to the game can be earned only through our upcoming Kickstarter campaign or by buying pledge packs on our website later on.

The Foundation – 4th Expansion

The glorious level 150 has already been reached by a few community members, while several others are pretty close. Therefore, it’s time for a new expansion of The Foundation: give a warm welcome to 10 new reward tiers!

Pre-Alpha KeyPre-Alpha KeyDynamight Gold

The new tiers grant rewards up to level 200 – more precisely:

  • Additional Bronze Founder Chests. Every time you open one in-game, you get one out of 8 possible Rare skins for your weapons, armors, pets, and more!
  • Silver Founder Chest. Every time you open one in-game, you get one out of 12 possible Rare and Epic skins for your weapons, armors, pets, and more!
  • Two new titles: First Ambassador and Consul.
  • Additional 1,300 Dynamight Gold, the future premium currency of Fractured, that you’ll be able to spend in game to purchase plenty of stunning vanity items.

Moreover, the quest “Post 10 Messages On The Forums” has been officially phased out. It used to do its job well, but now that the influx of new users has grown a lot, it has turned into a source of spam. The replacement is “Read The Fractured FAQ” – which, on the contrary, should reduce the flood of “those usual questions” on our boards. It gives a reward of 200 points.

If you’ve already completed the “10 Messages” quest, worry not – your points won’t be taken away! 😉

Community Update

Here we are again with the usual update on the state of the Fractured community!

Since we’ve published our first gameplay video and started spending our marketing budget, growth’s been strong and steady – we’re already well over 20,000 members strong!

Back in April, our community members came from 113 different countries, with the TOP 10 being claimed by the United States, Brazil, Russia, Italy, France, Germany, Vietnam, United Kingdom, Canada and Poland.

Today, we have accounts registered from 123 different countries – only 70 to go! 😉 The TOP 10 lists the same countries, although in a different order: the United States keeps the lead, followed by Brazil, Russia, Italy, France, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Vietnam and Canada.

See you soon and, as always, don’t forget to let us hear your voice on our community boards and social media!


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