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Hero and Guild Creation now Live in The Foundation

September 15th, 2017 at 8:35 am

Share your game profile and team up with your friends right now in The Foundation. Your future empire starts today!

Hi fellow Humans, Beastmen and Demons,

work on our upcoming Kickstarter campaign and Alpha 1 is moving on at a super-intense pace here at house Dynamight, but we haven’t forgotten to keep you up to date with some exciting news about Fractured! This time it’s not a Feature Spotlight we’re releasing, though – it’s a new expansion of The Foundation, featuring character and guild creation.

Why have we decided to add all of this to the Fractured web portal? Above all, it’s been to allow you to:

  • Share your future profile with other members of the community.
  • Find new friends to team up with for social and/or competitive reasons.
  • Gain a couple additional levels right away – we’re sure you won’t mind that! šŸ˜‰

So, let’s have a more detailed look at what you can do from today on.

Hero Creation

To create your character you just have to openĀ this page, that can also be reached through the Foundation button in the navigation bar of fracturedmmo.com.

When creating your character, you can choose your race/family, the god you worship, and your alignment.Ā Moreover, you’re able to add a long background story for your character, if you fancy some good old role-playing!

During character creation, your race limits what gods you can choose, which in turn restricts your alignment options. The combinations available are designed according to the lore and gameplay mechanics we’ve revealed in Feature Spotlight #1 and #2. In this regard, you might notice that both Beastmen and Demons can choose a Neutral alignment – be it Lawful, Chaotic, or True Neutral.

This doesn’t mean your future game characters will be able to start on a different planet or enjoy a special ruleset, but you can use this feature to signal other players that your personal disposition doesn’t follow the Fractured’s racial canon.

Guild Creation

Once you have created your character, you’ll able to make it join any existing guild or start your own. Both guild creation and searching for other guilds are available in this page, which is linked in the navigation bar as well.

When forming a guild, you can choose a unique name for it, a tag, its race, and write a long description explaining its rules, history, purpose – whatever you fancy. Once the guild is created, you’ll become its Guildmaster. To share your duties with friends you trust, you’llĀ be able to promote Regular members to Lieutenants, endowing them with powers such as accepting new members and kicking existing ones.

If you want to join a guild, just visit the guild’s page through the Search Guild button, or have another player share the guild’s link with you (it’s enough to copy-paste the url of the page!). Once you’ve requested membership, you just have to wait for the Guildmaster or a Lieutenant to accept you!

Please mind that, as explained above, guilds are race-restricted – that is, characters of different races can’t be in the same guild. Consequently, some options such as deleting your character and changing its race might be disabled or limited when you’re in a guild or have requested to become a member of one.Ā This limitation is not set in stone for the actual game, though.

Final Remarks

This is just the first iteration of character and guild creation in The Foundation. In the coming weeks, we’re going to expand them with some nice additions such as:

  • More colors and symbols for your guild banner.
  • Guild ranking in the leaderboard.
  • Some formatting options for hero backgrounds and guild descriptions.
  • A preview of the attributesĀ that you’ll be able to assign to a new character when you create a real one in game.

Of course, please mind that the names, tags and descriptions you upload must comply with our Terms of Service. Violations of the terms might lead to profiles being edited and the underlying accounts suspended.

What’s next? Something HUGE: the much awaited Feature Spotlight dedicated… to theĀ Knowledge System!

Stay tuned and enjoy Fractured!


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